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Paragraph Writing

A Car Accident

It is the mad craze for speed that causes many motor accidents. Last week I saw an accident which could have been fatal. This occurred on the GT Road. We were driving down to Karnal in our car when we saw the wreckage of two cars-a Santro and an Indica on the road. Apparently, the Santro car driver was trying to overtake a truck in front of it. The truck driver was driving at full speed and the Santro driver who was anxious to overtake him speeded up his car. The Indica was coming from the opposite side and since there was a culvert, the car driver could not swerve to a side. Luckily, no one was killed though the drivers of both the cars were seriously injured and were admitted to a local hospital. One must realize that it is not good to travel at high speed.

You will have noticed the following things:

  • The first sentence is the topic sentence. It states the topic.
  • The body of the paragraph consists of the description of an accident which serves as a useful example to elicit the main idea.
  • The final sentence sums up the whole idea.

What is a Paragraph

"A paragraph is a short composition which consists of a number of sentences linked together, all relating to one topic."

To write a good paragraph one must keep the following points in mind:

  1. It is short, though there are no rules about its length (but do keep in mind the length specified, when you are writing down a paragraph in your examination).
  2. It deals with on topic or idea. It is a good idea to state the topic sentence or idea in a single simple sentence, e.g: It is the mad craze for speed that causes many motor accidents.
  3. The sentences are in a logical order. The most important ones are the first and the last. The first sentence is usually the topic sentence. This should be able to rouse the interest of the reader. The last sentence should sum up the idea which was developed.
  4. The sentences that follow the first ones should generally develop the idea in some kind of a logical sequence. These form the main body of the paragraph.
  5. There should be a variety in construction. Avoid unnecessary repetition of words and ensure that all sentences are of different types and lengths.

Given below are few more paragraphs written on different topics. Read them and try to study the pattern, i.e., the topic sentence, the body and the final summing up sentence.

Example: 1
My Favourite Festival
My favourite festival is Diwali. Lights all around us, fire crackers zooming in the sky, happy children in new clothes, eating delicious sweets, Diwali is indeed filled with joy and excitement. What fun we have for four days beginning with 'Chhoti Diwali' and ending with 'Bhai Duj'. The preparations for Diwali start much in advance. Sweets are made, houses are cleaned and decorated. Friends and relatives exchange presents and sweets on the day of Diwali. Families visit each other in their new clothes. Shops are loaded with sweets, buildings and houses are decorated with lights and earthen lamps. 'Laxmi Puja' is performed in the evening and people seek the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Diwali is a festival of zest and increases the feeling of brotherhood among people.

Example: 2
A Holiday I Enjoyed
Last week was fun. It was a holiday on Friday. My friends and I went to the river-bank to enjoy. We took our kites and fishing-rods with us. Our kites went high into the air, for it was a windy day. We also enjoyed fishing in the river, although we were not lucky enough to catch any fish. We took a boat and went up the stream. By afternoon, we were feeling rather tired and hungry. So, we unpacked our baskets and had a good feast of cakes, sweets and fruits. The sun was now setting. We enjoyed the beautiful sight of sunset. The vermillion sky was something so exquisite. Slowly, dusk fell and darkness started engulfing us within. So, we returned home. Today was a really enjoyable day and I will never forget this holiday.



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