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Every sentence consists of two parts:-

  1. The person or thing we speak about.
  2. What we speak about that person or thing.
Consider the following sentence:-
Rashi is an intelligent girl.
In this sentence, (i) we speak about Rashi, and (ii) what we say about her is that she is an intelligent girl.

The name of the person or thing we speak about is called the Subject.

What we say about the Subject is called the Predicate.

The Subject and Predicate may each consist of a single word or many words. Examine the Subject and the Predicate in each of the following sentences:-


That boy
The poor little girl
Rama was


is her brother.
sat in a corner.
won the contest.
writing a story.

Sometimes, in sentences expressing orders or requests, the Subject is left out; as,
"Sit down" means "You sit down."
"Thank you" means "I thank you."

How to find the Subject of a Sentence?

We can easily find the Subject of a Sentence by taking the Verb and asking the question 'Who?' or 'What?'

1) Suchitra dances gracefully. [Put the question- Who dances gracefully? The answer is Suchitra. So Suchitra is the Subject.]
2) The stars twinkle. [Put the question- What twinkles? The answer is- The stars. So The stars is the Subject.



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