About Us

About Us

If you are in a quest for knowledge, you have hit the right key! Studysaurus.com is dedicated to provide you with clear-cut instructions and concepts on some particular fields like physics, chemistry, computer science etc. We are a team of focussed youngsters whose only vision is to enrich you with the wisdom you desire to seek through us in the best way possible. Learning for us is a passion and it is our sole motive to provide it to you in the same manner as we have received it.

'studysaurus.com' was created with the idea that knowledge should be free and easily accessible. In this age of rapid globalisation and internet, this has been surely possible and our aim is to enhance it. We promise to provide you with unadulterated and precise study materials and hope you will reward us with your trust. Studysaurus.com will always be there to meet the ever-growing demands of trusted online study portals and will give its best to support the students community with round the clock presence.

Our method of delivering knowledge is unique from all the rest in the sense that we try to give you what we have received in the same way that we have received. Features like 'Doubt box' are an effort to liberate you from your doubts which are answered by intellects and teachers of reputed institutions. By making available previous year's question papers, concept maps and charts we aim to prepare you for your exams with a success probability of 100%. Our aim to enhance your expertise on the subjects is not limited just to exams but beyond that too.

Another unique feature of studysaurus.com i.e. the subject wise encyclopaedias will act as an easy reference to subjective vocabulary and thereby increase your wisdom. The study materials have been arranged according not according to a particular syllabus but in a super-systematic order so that nothing escapes your grasp.

The laboratory manuals have been prepared after extensive lab experience and will guide you through the tiniest confusion that may sometimes escape the consciousness of your teacher.

Studsaurus.com is an open book from where you can learn and which you can help improve too. Send us your valuable feedback and suggestions to make it even better and feel free to submit us your writings on a particular subject and topic which you feel we haven't been able to. We wish you Godspeed on this quest for wisdom.

Our Team

Raj Kishore Gogoi
Bhaskarjyoti Gogoi
Arunabh Debendranath Konwar
  • Arunabh Debendranath Konwar
  • Content Creation & Moderation
Krishangi Sarma
Prakash Pratim Borah
  • Prakash Pratim Borah

  • Content Creation & Moderation
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