Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay is a type of essay writing that requires the writer to thoroughly examine a topic, produce and scrutinize evidence, then establishes a position regarding the topic, based on the evidence gathered by the writer.

When writing an argumentative essay, you are to use only reasoning And facts, not your emotions and sentiments in taking a decisive stand on the debatable topic. The writer is expected to explore both sides of the topic, and then give solid reasons why the position he or she chooses to write on is best. In other words, the writer through his essay tries to convince others to agree with his values, and accept his arguments and conclusions.

25 Really Good Argumentative Essay Topics to Write On

Finding great argumentative topics to discuss on can be quite challenging since they have to be topics that are of great interest to your community, or even your country as a whole. You might like to consider a few the argumentative topics listed below.

  1. Does the violence shown in movies and television programs have a destructive effect on the people in our society?
  2. Should the death penalty regardless of the crime a person commits be asserted or annulled?
  3. Viewing pornography has a degrading effect on society and should be banned. Agree or Disagree.
  4. Playing with toy guns plays a great role in has made children become more violent yes or no
  5. Are the CCTV cameras used by law enforcement a violation of people’s privacy?
  6. Since cigarette smoking reduces life expectancy and causes several diseases, should the production of cigarette be banned?
  7. Scientists and medical researcher experiment on animals, what is your position regarding experimentation on animals?
  8. Should there be an age restriction to dating?
  9. Recycling and carpooling helps improve our environmental condition, should recycling be enforced in the constitution?
  10. Playing violent video games make people violent in reality.
  11. Should graffiti be considered as art?
  12. Early marriages do not improve personal development
  13. Nuclear power is the best source of energy?
  14. Should abortion be made legal?
  15. Since millions of dollars is made from prostitution, should prostitution be legalized and taxed?
  16. Are prisoners supposed to have voting rights?
  17. Having access to condoms reduced teenage pregnancy.
  18. Should the laws on killing endangered species be stricter?
  19. Is the climate change and global warming man made?
  20. Does the curfew parents impose on their kids really keep them from trouble?
  21. Should the use of torture in extreme cases be acceptable?
  22. Children who carry out violent crimes should be tried as adults.
  23. Should kids born in a different state receive the citizenship of that state?
  24. Are humans becoming overly dependent on technology?
  25. Are civil unions supposed to be recognized by the government?
  26. Do correctional facilities really help in correcting criminal minds?

25 Argumentative Essay Topics Regarding Middle Schools

When writing Argumentative essays, it is important to note that the intellectual capacities of your audience may differ, some argumentative essay topics might be too complex, or of little interest to students of middle school, usually selected argumentative topics should be related to their age category, like those listed below.

  1. Are students to be allowed to eat during classes?
  2. Should teachers be taking sex education classes in schools?
  3. Should your gym class grades reflect on your Grade Point Average?
  4. Are students supposed to bring their cell phones to school?
  5. Should students be allowed to take their pets to school?
  6. Are schools supposed to have prayer sessions?
  7. Should bullies be tried in a court of law for their actions?
  8. Are middle school students supposed to be allowed to vote?
  9. Write an essay on your favorite activity convincing people to partake in your activity.
  10. Homeschooled students are better than normal students.
  11. Should the middle school age requirement be reduced?
  12. Do you think illegal immigrants should be able to attend public schools?
  13. Are parent-teacher conferences really important?
  14. Who is the better leader, someone who is loved? Or someone who is feared?
  15. Are girls supposed to be allowed to play in the same team as boys?
  16. Community services and volunteer work in middle schools promotes good citizenship, write an essay persuading fellow students to help out.
  17. Should teachers be made to wear uniforms?
  18. Should students be given the right to assess their teachers?
  19. Are boys and girls supposed to have separate classes?
  20. Should boys and girls be in the same dormitories?
  21. Should middle school children be allowed to watch R-rated movies?
  22. Do you think your summer holidays are too long, and should be shorter?
  23. Schools require students to read old texts like Shakespeare, rather than the more contemporary ones. Do you think such texts have become outdated?
  24. Do you think middle school students who can drive should be allowed to have cars?
  25. Students complain about history classes, write a persuasive article showing the importance of history.
  26. Most students complain about maths, do you think that mathematics should be thought from a different approach?

25 Argumentative Essay Topics for High Schools

If you have been assigned to write an argumentative topic in high school, you would probably have a topic in mind and would be looking for ways to convince fellow students and others to see things from your point of view. But if you are looking for a topic to write on, here are a few that might be of interest.

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  1. Does television have a positive influence on students?
  2. Should students have a video game class?
  3. Should Schools have free tuition?
  4. Should the high school age requirement be increased?
  5. Should the textbooks used by students be replaced by notebook computers?
  6. Should the age requirement for a driver’s license be reduced?
  7. Bullies should be expelled from school.
  8. Should schools offer cash bonuses to those with great test scores?
  9. Is the number of years spent in high school too much?
  10. Are high schools providing enough creative opportunities for students?
  11. Are high schools being too strict on students who misbehave?
  12. Are the web filters in schools too restrictive?
  13. Students who study abroad get better education than those who study at local schools
  14. Should students be allowed to have tattoos?
  15. Students who go to public schools get better grades than students of private schools.
  16. Should the legal age be reduced? Or increased?
  17. Should religion be introduced into the high school curriculum?
  18. Should the military be allowed to recruit high school students?
  19. Is the rate of cheating at academics reducing? Or increasing?
  20. Should creationism be thought in schools?
  21. Should music with curse words be allowed in school parties and prom?
  22. Do you think school athletes are supposed to take drug tests?
  23. Study halls are a waste of time and should be removed from the school schedule
  24. Write a persuasive essay convincing students on the importance of saving money.
  25. The school authorities are about to be rescinded your favorite club; write an essay persuading the school authorities not to disband your club

25 Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Writing an Argumentative essay worthy of a college student can be quite competitive, especially when you are looking for admission into the university of your dreams, much effort is required if you are going to be able to convince them to see things from your point of view, you will definitely be needing a catchy topic to arouse their interest. You might find some of the topics listed below to be very helpful.

  1. College rankings should not be a determining factor in the labor market.
  2. Will future science be able to reverse and cure aging sickness?
  3. Should the English majors pay less tuition than the engineers?
  4. Online education is better than learning from the classrooms
  5. Do you think Examination is the true test of knowledge?
  6. Are college athletes supposed to be paid?
  7. The government should devote more resources to space exploration.
  8. Are college rankings really that important in the labor market?
  9. Since marijuana is useful in the medical field, should it be legalized?
  10. Do students spend too much time cramming?
  11. Colleges do not give enough research support to students.
  12. Emailing, chatting, and instant messaging are the best way to communicate. Agree? Or Disagree?
  13. Colleges should be funding wellness programs rather than sports.
  14. High school graduates should take a full year’s vacation before going into colleges.
  15. Should SATs and Grades be the only basis for college admission?
  16. Colleges should include entrepreneur training in their curriculum.
  17. The role of statistics in society
  18. A psychiatrist and a psychologist can be used in the same field.
  19. Colleges should take care of feeding and housing expenses.
  20. Do you think that every form of government welfare packages should be rescinded?
  21. The Antarctica has been made a natural reserve devoted to peace and science, and all exploitations banned. Write an essay for (or against) the motion.
  22. The Equal representation of Genders in politics is of great benefit to society.
  23. Social media is causing more harm than good in our society.
  24. Blood transfusion has caused more harm than good in medicine.

25 Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Everyone has different Ideas of funny promts Argumentative when discussing with friends and relatives, especially in social media. Here are a few topics you and your friends could have fun discussing.

  1. Men are better at cooking than women.
  2. Obsessed people should be charged double by airlines.
  3. Blonds are really stupid.
  4. Women should be proposing to men.
  5. Cats make better pets than dogs.
  6. Women should have more than one husband.
  7. Both male and female criminals should be incarcerated in the same facilities.
  8. Black men are better sex partners than white men.
  9. Jesus was a black man.
  10. Guys are worse gossipers than girls.
  11. Parents should not friend their children on Facebook.
  12. Children should be allowed to divorce their parents.
  13. Parking tickets are unnecessary and should be stopped.
  14. Men are generally happier than women.
  15. Children are the main cause of failed marriages.
  16. Unhealthy foods should be sold with a warning label
  17. Video games should be considered a sport.
  18. Should elderly people be allowed to drive?
  19. Should free condoms be distributed in schools?
  20. Should teachers be made to wear uniform?
  21. Is God a man or a woman?
  22. Should sports men be allowed to take steroids?
  23. Rich men should be allowed to build nuclear weapons
  24. Men and boys should not be allowed to wear skinny jeans
  25. Men should be allowed to wear skirts

Tips for success Argumentative Writing

  • Choose a position. Think about the Idea you want to advocate!
  • Understand your reader. If you want to be effective at writing a persuasive essay, you need to see things from your reader’s perspective.
  • Research: Gathering convincing facts is of utmost importance when writing an argumentative essay. Research on all the facts, for both sides of the essay topic, make sure you get your evidence from different sources, do not rely on just one source.
  • Structure your essay Look for the most convincing facts that supports the position you have chosen, with your audience in mind. Arranging your facts in this order.
  • Introduction – this paragraph usually contains a “hook” (an opening question, a quote, strong or outrageous statement) that grabs your audience’s attention. It also contains your statement of purpose (thesis), this serves as the foundation for your topic and chosen the position and serves as a guide throughout the entire essay
  • The Body – the evidence that supports your opinion is offered in this part, it usually contains about three or four paragraphs based on the solid evidence (the facts, statistics, quotes, and examples) you have gathered. Ensure that you use one of the paragraphs to discuss opposing viewpoints and counter arguments.
  • The conclusion: in the conclusive paragraph you summarize all the important points of the persuasive essay asserting you’re believes once again to your audience, then restate your focus statement “thesis,” then add a personal comment or a quote, that lets the reader draw a conclusion.

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