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What would you do if the government repealed your rights to control what you do to your body? Whether it is a tattoo, a piercing, or giving a transplant, those are decisions that should be left up to you. So imagine how some women must feel when abortion is the main topic of a conversation. Imagine how women must feel when people around her are saying that abortion should be illegal because the mother is “murdering” her child. The fact of that matter is that there are multiple reasons a mother may abort her child. Abortion is not always necessarily done to benefit the mother’s needs, in many cases, it benefits the unborn child’s life as well. Abortion mitigates the risk of mental, physical, and emotional health issues the mother and child may face.

What is important to realize is birthing a child often has a negative impact on women’s mental health if they are unprepared; they will most likely undergo a great deal of stress and postpartum depression. These mental health complications range from minor to immensely severe. For instance, ¨Most will only have mild depression, but some develop a severe depressive illness. Other mothers develop severe mental health problems such as postpartum psychosis¨ (Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders). That being said, if most mothers suffer from postpartum depression, then what will happen to the young mothers who have no family to help them and are already struggling? What will happen to the mothers who are already under a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety? For example, “… each cited by three-fourths of patients was concerned for or responsibility to other individuals; the inability to afford to raise a child; and the belief that having a baby would interfere with work, school or ability to care for dependents.” (Induced Abortion in the United States). There have been many instances where these mothers turn to drugs or worse. Terminating their child, although not exactly morally proper, may save them from developing a mental illness that they will never be able to get rid of. Therefore, abortion lessens the large likelihood of severe mental illness the unprepared and unnerved mother is often exposed to.

A large concern for many mothers is whether their child is born with a disability. Abortion lessens the suffering of a child with physical health complications will experience. In some cases, the child is only given a certain amount of time to live before they die. There are also times when the mother is told that their child will be living such a painful life that they may not want to live. For example, one author claims, “… some fetuses have severe disorders that can cause the child to live a very difficult and painful life. Some disorders can be so severe that death is guaranteed after a brief and painful life.” (Anderson, Dave. Top 10 Reasons Abortion Should Be Legal). No mother wants their child to grow with a disorder so severe that their child can’t fend for themselves. No mother wants to know that there is a set time their child is going to die and have to live every day of their lives expecting and waiting for that day. Birth defects are very common in children and the numbers are only increasing through the years. By way of example, a fact-based article states, “Birth defects affect one in every 33 babies (about 3% of all babies) born in the United States each year” (Birth Defects). Compared to how many babies are born, this statement clearly shows that many children are born or will be born with some sort of disorder. What needs to be kept in mind is that not only will this disorder affect the child physically, but it will affect them emotionally as well. Depending on what birth defect, they are born with, they will have to live a day to day life expecting their death. They will have to live their life being verbally or sometimes physically abused by people who are to say “normal” and ignorant towards the child’s birth defect. The physical, as well as emotional suffering the child will face growing up in today’s world, may lead to them committing or attempting to commit suicide. No one wants their child to be born with a disability and have to live their lives in both physical and emotional pain. Sometimes the best option is to terminate the baby so it won’t have to grow up suffering.

To add to that, Abortion minimizes the emotional health complications the mother is at risk of during her pregnancy, which often affects the child’s development while in the mother’s womb. For example, “ In a study by Murray (13), cognitive performance regarding the independent existence of objects was worse for infants of 61 postnatally depressed mothers than the infants of 42 nondepressed mothers…” (Bernard-Bonnin, Dr. Anne-Claude. Maternal Depression and Child Development). This clearly shows that depression after birth not only affects the mother, but the child as well. Some mothers suffer from severe depression after birth and may even begin to neglect their child. The chances of this often increase when the mother is already emotionally unstable. When a mother is birthing, an important factor that goes into the process is making sure the mother is stress-free and stable. Birthing a child has a large and negative impact on emotional stability. If the mother isn’t stable in all areas than a miscarriage is likely to happen along with a high increase in depression most especially after a miscarriage. If a mother, especially one who is of a young age, is experiencing high levels of stress before pregnancy, this may permanently affect her negatively during pregnancy. Here this author instances the risks the woman is unsheltered from, “Women of childbearing age are particularly at risk for depression, and many of them experience high levels of social morbidity and depressive symptoms that are often unrecognized and untreated. Mothers already at risk for depression are particularly fragile during the first months postpartum.” (Bernard-Bonnin, Dr. Anne-Claude. Maternal Depression and Child Development). Women who are pregnant, suffer from depression and if they are on the verge of any other mental illness, pregnancy may set them off. Any sort of mental illness may affect the child during its development. Therefore, in some instances, abortion helps to emotionally stabilize the woman.

An opinion that is often mentioned by those who are against abortion is that if women plan on terminating their child, they shouldn’t put themselves in situations where they are bound to get pregnant. For instance, “Women aren’t forced to bear children, they choose to bear children by the act of having sexual intercourse” (Why Abortion Should Be Illegal). Most women who get pregnant and choose to abort their child are young. No matter what anyone does, people are bound to have sex. In addition to that, protection during sex does not always work. There have been many instances where a woman still ends up pregnant even after protection. In the case of birth control, that is not something that every woman has access to. Those who are pro-life also believe that in the case that a woman is raped, there are other ways to go about aborting their child. For example, an article states, “In the instance of rape and incest, proper medical care can ensure that a woman will not get pregnant.” ( Lowen, Linda. 10 Common Arguments For and Against Abortion). While this is true, either way, you put it, the baby is being terminated. There is no right way to terminate a baby that makes it completely okay. The fact of the matter will always be that the baby is being aborted. Some pro-life supporters often mention the fact that abortion may lead to other complications later on in life. An article showing the point of view of those for and against abortion clearly states, “An abortion can result in medical complications later in life; the risk of ectopic pregnancies doubles and the chance of a miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease also increases.” (Lowen, Linda. 10 Common Arguments For and Against Abortion). Although this is accurate, this is not something that is very common. Most of the time that abortion has led to other complications has been due to that fact that the person who operated on the women was not qualified or it was a back-alley abortion. However, if a woman was to go to a clinic that specializes in legal abortions the likelihood of this happening is close to none. Therefore, these reasons as to why abortion should be illegal, can all be debunked.

In conclusion, abortion, in many ways, saves lives. And while abortion isn’t something that women should do without probable cause, is it certainly something that should remain legal. Abortion reduces the gamble unprepared mother’s take with mental, physical, and emotional health issues when birthing a child when it comes to themselves and their child.

Argumentative Essay on Abortion

In the past couple of years abortion has been a big topic in the news due to controversies over whether or not abortion should be legal, which was seen in American voting polls. With the difference in opinions whether it be for religion or own personal opinion, this topic grew very big. There are two main sides to the argument, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. This topic can be very controversial. Pro-Choice is the correct side of the abortion topic. Drugs and Alcohol, Teen Pregnancy, and Rape/incest all are factors into why Pro-choice is the correct side.

Drugs and Alcohol play a big part in pregnancy and abortion. Some pregnancies may occur while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These people may not be ready to have a baby and they might not have even planned to have sex. The people might not be ready to have a baby and may not know the person who it was conceived with so they might want to terminate the pregnancy. Another reason why drugs and alcohol play a part in pregnancy and abortion is because of addicts. Addicts who have babies might not be able to quit doing drugs or drinking alcohol. People who are addicts can do major harm to their child if they use the substances while they are pregnant. According to MarchofDimes.org, one in every twenty women use drugs while pregnant. Using drugs while pregnant can make the child have learning and behavior problems, slower growth and SIDS. The child also may develop NAS which means the baby also gets addicted to the drugs that the mother is taking in (“Alcohol during Pregnancy”). Drinking Alcohol while pregnant will increase the chance of having the baby premature and having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The baby develops this because the Alcohol goes into your blood quickly and passes through the placenta and to the umbilical cord to the baby (“Alcohol during Pregnancy”). Another reason addicts might consider abortion is because of the money. According to Parenting.com it costs on average $9,700 just to have a baby and that is if everything goes perfectly and there are no complications. That amount doesn’t include the prenatal care and everything after actually delivering the child (Harris 1). Addicts usually don’t have the money to even keep up with their addiction so how will they have the money to take care of and pay for a child. The babies conceived to an addict should not be brought into a world with all these problems due to their mother’s addiction. These children shouldn’t be punished with this life because the mother is more wrapped up in her addiction to take care of the child.

Teenage pregnancy is also another time when abortion is a viable option for the mother. Most teens aren’t very responsive to begin with. They still live in their parents house and may still get rides from their parents. They are not responsible enough to have a child when they themselves are still children. In high school, teenagers may be in a relationship. They may think it’s time to start having sex. Teens are still so young and may not be responsible and not wear protection while having sex. If they don’t use protection they could get pregnant. Teenagers are not mature enough physically or mentally to be pregnant and having a child. If teenagers are put in this situation they might need to find a job to be able to pay for the baby and just to pay for all the expenses. As the last paragraph said, If everything goes perfectly it cost around $9,700 to deliver a child and that doesn’t account for the prenatal care or anything after the baby is born (Harris 2) Teenage pregnancy can have a lot of risks as it is so it will cost more to have a child as a teen. In the end it will cost more than $9,700. The teens may not want the risk that comes with having a baby so young. These teens can always choose adoption if they are pregnant, but if they aren’t ready to carry a baby and deliver it so it may not be enough. Teens who are in this situation shouldn’t be forced into having a child they aren’t ready for just because the government is making them. They need to choose what is right for them and their body.

Rape is a very serious topic and should not be handled lightly. According to rainn.org about five percent of rape victims get pregnant from their attackers and having unprotected, unwanted sex. It also says things that aren’t accounted for while getting this percent and one of them is “Medical estimates of a five percent pregnancy rate are for one-time, unprotected sexual intercourse. Some victimizations may include multiple incidents of intercourse.”(“Who Are the Victims? | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.”). So there could be even more pregnancies caused by rape that aren’t documented. These rape victims go through a lot. If they get pregnant, they might not have the mental strength to take care of the baby. The baby was conceived during a very hard time in the person’s life and knowing that the baby was conceived through rape may be too hard for the woman to handle. Some rape victims have also reported having PTSD from their rape and having the baby might just make it harder for them to start getting over the incident. It may just remind them of the event every time they look at the child. Also some women may not even know the man that raped them so they won’t have the support of him or money for the childcare. Rainn.org said that most rape victims are between the ages of 12 and 34 (“Who Are the Victims? | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.”). These ages are young, especially if the teen years. These teens may not be even aware of everything that happens and they don’t know what if going on so getting pregnant on top of the rape is too hard for these women/girls. Incest is a form of rape where a family member has done sexual things with another family member. The victims in these cases are usually very young and if one of them was to get pregnant, it is very hard knowing they are pregnant with a family member. This is very much a time when abortion is an option for women or children.

The opposing side of this abortion argument is the side that believes in Pro-Life. They believe that no woman should be able to have abortion as an option. These people may be pro-life because of their religious beliefs or just the morals they have. Some of the catholic religion strongly believes in being Pro-life and don’t support anyone who thinks abortion is okay. These people think that everyone should have to have the baby if they get pregnant. They believe it is murder if they kill the baby during the pregnancy. Some of them think that since the child has a brain and a body in the womb and have body features that it is considered murder because you are killing a human life. Other moms that have had premature babies don’t agree with abortion because of how late you can get an abortion. They have their children at an earlier date than planned so it is premature and some of them are so early they are still at a time where if they were pregnant they could terminate the pregnancy. There are many other arguments that people having for being pro-life.

The rebuttal to the Pro-Life stance has many points, but some of the main ones are very compelling. First off I don’t believe women should be forced to have a baby if they are not ready to have one. They could be in any of these situations and it isn’t fair that if they can’t handle having a child mentally or physically that the government has the right to not let them even have the option of terminating the pregnancy. Woman should be able to have a choice. Also the child shouldn’t have to live in living environments such as the addiction one because their parents won’t be able to care for them and the children shouldn’t be stuck in a bad living situation because the government wouldn’t let the mother have a choice in what to do with her baby and life. Some people say they could always put the baby up for adoption after they are born if they aren’t ready to have a child but if they don’t find a family by the time they have the child the baby will get put in an orphanage and most kids who go in orphanages and don’t get adopted and stay in foster care end up with emotional problems when they get older or have many other problems. These children should not be forced into this life because of the government. The women shouldn’t be forced into a choice that is bad for them and will ruin their future just because of the government and the laws. Also I don’t think it can be considered murder if they do it in the beginning of the pregnancy. According to WhattoExpect.com a fetus’ neural plate doesn’t develop till 16 days after contraception (Allen 1). So if someone was going to get an abortion and they got it before 16 days they wouldn’t be killing anything.

In conclusion, abortion is a very controversial topic. Addicts, teen pregnancy, and rape are three main times when abortion is a viable option for women. Women deserve a choice in their life. Pro- choice has allowed women to have a choice and let abortion be an option when they can’t handle or afford having a baby. People just need to think if the woman’s perspective and let abortion be an option for them no matter their opinion on it because it isn’t their life or child.

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