Bad Eating Habits Essay

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Health behavior I want to change: Poor Eating Habits


“Poor feeding habits and lack of occasional exercise are so far the biggest causes of obesity. For two years now I have been trying to encourage people to adopt healthy feeding and encouraging exercise. The precedent event that led me to consider obesity with so much emphasis was seeing my partner struggle with weight issues for a few years. I took her obesity personally and studied all rational arguments concerning it. After two years of struggle and beseech she overcame her disability when her weight reduced immensely. From then on I have always advocated for exercise and avoidance of unhealthy foods as the way forward in tackling obesity.

Lack of enough knowledge on proper dieting causes many people to lapse into obesity. Poor feeding habits entail overconsumption of sugars, proteins, and fats without taking other foods such as vitamins and drinking lots of water. Excess sugars in the body hinder metabolism making the body to convert them to fats. Consumption of junk food, which contains a lot of simple sugars and fats, has become a widespread behavior in the last few decades. Lack of sufficient exercise (it aids body metabolism) also contributes to obesity.

Why I chose this behavior

In the past, I have embarked on serious campaigns in promotion of healthy feeding habits. I have organized community-based training to encourage people to take up exercise and educating them on the dangers of eating junk and unbalanced diets. People who have firsthand accounts on obesity are more attentive and even offer to volunteer for my course. However, placed on a critical scale my campaigns in the past have been a failure since I never had any mechanism in place to follow up progress on the people I educate.

In the next four weeks, I am about to take a new approach to address obesity. An organization has hired me to educate and aid them in coming up with a new policy on nutritional health. I believe that sensitization in an organization should be enforced and enhanced through policy. Brianna capital foundation leaders are concerned with the deteriorating health in the organization especially with many of the staff members becoming overweight. After requesting them to allow me to take my campaign to their organization they were more than happy to use my services. …

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