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Any individual caring for the future comes to the point when the need of choosing an education and career paths takes place. It is important to remember that the choice of major does not necessarily mean you will find the dream job, studying provides a number of opportunities, as well as some knowledge and skills that might be useful in future career steps. Still, higher education is an opportunity to prepare for various career possibilities.

Either it is good or not, the only concentration that truly interests me is marketing. Maybe the concept of marketing itself is so broad and diverse that anyone choosing this concentration will find the scope of activities that will suit his or her abilities, skills and talents most. I believe I would find my soul in marketing.

According to the information on The Kelley School of Business site, the school offers a strong academic basis for a further career in marketing. Any supporting statements? Yes. For example, Brad Alford, The Kelley School of Business MBA’80 is now a Chairman and CEO of Nestlé USA; Glendale, California. The school is obviously proud of Mr. Alford, as well as of any successful graduate. Certainly it took him lots of efforts to achieve the top-management level he now embodies, still, I believe the Kelley School of Business academic basis gave him the confidence to make key decisions and now he proudly claims “The kind of people who go to the Kelley School of Business are typically the kind of people we’re looking for.”

Another advantage emphasized is the fact that “the consumer products giant Procter & Gamble hire more brand managers from Kelley’s Department of Marketing than from anywhere else” – the site claims.

The program interests me most of all because of the scale of approach to the issue of marketing. The range of upper-level courses includes a wide range of issues from marketing strategy to new product management and pricing. This means the academic program aims at covering the crucial issues of any specialist dealing with marketing issues.

I believe marketing to be the most suitable sphere for me because my scope of interests has always included advertising, communications, strategic planning, effective means of conquering markets and overcoming competitors, and much more. As for the talents and abilities supporting my decision, I suppose, the communication skills, creative and strategic thinking, flexibility, and even ambitiousness might help me become a great specialist with excellent career opportunities.

Initial interest in the topic of marketing might be helpful in studying marketing strategy or performance and productivity analysis.

Among the positive aspects of the major I should certainly mention the attractiveness of the subject itself and the variety of applicable business cases dealing with the marketing concerns. Another thing worth mentioning is definitely the scope of subjects covered – the list, enabling the graduates feel comfortable starting the ascent of the career ladder.

As for the threats, there certainly is a threat of labor market saturation with the marketing specialists, because this sphere has been extremely popular for recent decades. Still, I hope my academic achievements and the knowledge The Kelley School of Business provides me with, will eliminate the risk of unemployment. That is actually why I have chosen this school.

The Kelley School of Business provides the employment statistics, providing the names of the top-recruiters, many of them are large or even global companies – IBM, Intel, Unilever, Nestle, Wal-Mart, GE, Colgate Palmolive, and many more will be glad to recruit a talented and educated young professionals.

If I select the marketing major, my career options might include marketing research or product management, for example. The first of the opportunities mentions requires statistical analysis of the consumer data available and drawing conclusions for the improvement of the company’s or industry’s performance. Product management requires the full scope of activities supporting the brand/product on the market. The new information, skills and ideas I would obtain from any of these activities are very appealing to me. Still, both careers might include some level of routine – that is an aspect I could name to be unappealing.

If we discuss the possible extracurricular activities I would most benefit from as a future professional, I’d choose the participation in the student groups and the opportunity of studying abroad.

Student groups might be useful in terms of sharing knowledge and experience and improving the overall studying performance – I find the sense of tacit competition to be very stimulating. I would consider the second option as the most beneficial. New impressions, unusual surrounding is what makes the mind more flexible and stimulates new creative ideas – and that’s an important ability for a marketing professional.

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