Cornell Supplement Essay

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Cornell University Supplement Essay

In a world where technology is expanding consistently, I plan to be a piece of its advancement and leave my image in this era. Software engineering is characterized as the hypothesis of computational frameworks. However, to me, it is a lot more extensive than that; it is tied in with utilizing computational intuition to grow new, viable and effective critical thinking strategies. Registering is an essential piece of our lives as it is incorporated in all ventures. In this manner, I try to use my knowledge to assist me in taking care of issues in different parts of life.

As a team, we took part in our ‘first tournament’ in science and engineering competition where we coded an agricultural self-simulation prototype to improve efficiency in greenhouses. One problem we faced with our project was that the sprinkler sprinkled a lot of water even if the temperature had already gone down. After minutes of brainstorming, we found the error. The Arduino starts in the setup mode where it prepares all the sensors to get a location fix. It reads the coded language for the computer and measures temperature, humidity and soil moisture respectively and regulates everything.

We then realized that the Arduino could not send temperature data to the device correctly. We had two options: to lower the needed temperature or fix the Arduino. We chose the first one, and we qualified for the national competition because we could not be sure if we could have fixed the Arduino itself. The skills I acquired from this motivates me to partake in projects at the university.

I think that computer science will give me the chance to reach higher peaks. Programming allowed me to improve my rural schools with technological problems, to meet interesting people, and to discover a new world. I desire to become a professional software developer. I intend to use my knowledge to improve the lifestyle of people and protecting wildlife. Completing my degree studies at Cornell should provide a perfect platform for me to achieve my dream, and I am looking forward to the opportunity.

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