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Composing an essay on an economics case study seems to be a terrifying task amongst college students. Whilst a case study is actually a major task there are numerous steps you can take that will help break down the process into manageable components. An essay on the economics case study is not really a chance for you to express all your knowledge on a specific topic, rather it is an opportunity for you to show that you can marshal details and files in support of a sequential, logical, and compelling case or argument.

Question 1

“The American population is diverse; this is so because of the immigration laws that accept anyone from any part to the world to become an American citizen. Rodrigo, the bus driver in the case study, is a Mexican but he enjoys equal opportunities as any other Americans despite his Mexican descent. It is this understanding that shapes how people interact with one another in the country. It is better not to judge people based on their histories of origin. People should be appreciated based on what contribution they make to mankind. It is observable that the American society is made up of people who rarely concern themselves with others; this is the best mindset to aid one in such a society (Cheryl 45). Trying to pay closer attention to people’s background would only result in discrimination.

Question 2

Histories are static; they never change and the very facts that existed on the migration of Africans to America to work as slaves have not changed so far. However, with the new migration laws, there are so many migrants from countries across the world that comes to America in search of a better livelihood. This, therefore, makes it hard to establish original African Americans whose ancestors came to America as slaves.
The laws are fair enough to enable anybody with interest to settle and have a livelihood in America (Painter 77). The best brains in Africa and other poor countries across the world come to America as employees only to turn into American citizens; the best athletes change their citizenships and become Americans in a view to pursuing better careers. This, together with other instances that necessitate people from across the world to come to America, has the migration offices in the country busy with millions of applications for citizenship every year.

Question 3

This trend is affecting the population of the country. Additionally, there has been increased intermarriage between the whites and blacks in the country, a factor that continues to give rise to a cross breed of the two. With time, it is more likely that there will neither be blacks or whites in the country. Native Americans will be half casts of the two; the insurgence of migrants will thus be the other group of people…

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