Ethnic Adoption Essay

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Ethnic adoption is a controversial topic nowadays. Modern society is diverse. When you look around, you will see many representatives of different cultures and ethnicities. Naturally, there are many mixed families, which bring up their children in an atmosphere of different cultures. Unfortunately, many children do not have parents and they have to live in orphanages. Obviously, a child can be adopted by a responsible couple. Very often, white children are adopted by African-American or Asian couples and vice versa. But it is right to practice ethnic adoption? This issue has its advantages and disadvantages.

To begin with, adoption is a positive and noble action. Childless couples should have enough courage to take a baby from the orphanage and bring him up as their own child. They provide this child with the chance to have normal and joyful life. Doubtless, the family is the most important thing for a human being.

Everyone requires a family if he wants to be an integral part of human society. When a child loses his parents, he has to live in an orphanage. This place is unfavorable for self-development because every child requires loving and caring parents. When an orphan finds new parents, his/her happiness will be enormous. When we look at the problem of ethnic adoption from this side, we will not find any disadvantages in this action. I suppose that the child will be happy, because he has parents, though the color of their skin is different. It does not worth mentioning that it is much better to live in a regular family than in an orphanage. Consequently, ethnic adoption is a positive action.

There are cases when no one agrees to take a white or black child from the orphanage because his color is different. The reason is clear. Couples want to have their own babies, who will look like them. When they cannot have children, they decide to adopt a similar baby, who will at least resemble their own child. Unfortunately, the problem of adoption is still very controversial. Of course, it is not right to deprive a child of a family, because the color of his skin is different. He has the same rights to have loving parents. When a black couple adopts a white child, we ought to respect them, because they improve his life. We should encourage couples to adopt children of all ethnicities because they are equal and require the same things.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages of ethnic adoption. Firstly, a child sees that he differs from his parents. As a result, he understands that he is adopted. This information can cause harm to a child’s emotional wellbeing. His inner world can ruin and he will not be able to understand how to cope with this problem effectively. He will begin to ask questions about his origin, his parents, etc. It will provoke a lot of awkward situations and stress.

Then, ethnic adoption can cause harm to the child if his new parents have their own children. For example, a white couple adopts an African-American child. It is possible that this child will not be able to become an integral part of this family. Other children will see that he is different and they will remind him about it all the time. Consequently, the child becomes neglected and his mood is always low.

Although ethnic adoption has its delicate disadvantages, this action should be encouraged in human society. Every child has the right to happiness and love; therefore, ethnicity must not be a barrier to adoption.

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