Friendship Essay

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Topic: What is friendship?

People around the world have different views of friendship which equals different friendships being made around the world. Pop culture often reflects what our society thinks about friends. Some people follow what our society thinks what friends should be while others make friends based on culture, morals, and history. What makes my friends close and unique to me is the simple decision that they were chosen by me. My friends were not born into my family instead they were chosen based on my definition of what I believe friends are and what friendship is.

With my personal experience friendship can help or break habits, for example, my friends can help me break a habit of playing video games when it is too late to play them at night. Friends for me help me change for the better good they can suggest what actions are acceptable to do and not to do in the environment I’m in with them. Friends do not criticize all my actions I do but instead, tell me what actions I should improve on in important matters or situations and in return I would do the same to them. Friendship is all about having the trust to tell one another the good and bad and not taking offense to their comments but instead, listen to what they have to say. It is about the care and respects you have for the person and not wanting their actions to hurt someone.

In addition, conflict should not mean the end of friendship but taken as growth. Conflict is natural for any relationship and friendship is just another form of a relationship. Any conflict can be resolved through talking, I believe talking between friends can show the different perspectives to help resolve the conflict. Talking can help strengthen the trust within the relationship between friends and help avoid or confront more conflicts. I don’t agree with avoiding conflicts between friends because the situation must be addressed at one point of time, knowing how to talk and argue with a friend can help the bond of friendship be stronger and grow with other friends.

I personally believe an important aspect of friendship is trust. I believe trust plays an important factor in making friends because without trust I cannot bond with someone. Friends who do not trust each other cannot help one another grow or even support one another. Trust helps friends feel comfortable with each other because they feel like they can express their ideas or feelings. Trust helps form friendships because without trust all relationships and connections are empty.

Another important aspect of friendship is the different adventures I can share with my friends. Going out with friends is important because it can help bring relationships closer, and I can get a deeper understanding of who they are. My friends are not just people who make me laugh but also people who help have new experiences without going against my morals. Friends should not cause conflict with one another because of the morals of another but instead find solutions around to share new experiences together.

Humans are social animals wired for connection. But pop culture and society tend to dictate what a friend is and who they should be. I believe friendship has no real definition, but people share a similar concept of what a friend is. Someone who is trustworthy to keep the relationship alive and someone who can openly discuss with you and debate against you. Someone who can help break a habit, what makes friends unique is they are not born into a family they are chosen by me.

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