Genetically Modified Organisms Research Paper

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Foods, which are categorized as genetically modified organisms, reveal the elements of DNA alteration in the food contents. These alterations are done through the application of incredibly defined genetic manufacturing techniques that have been discovered by scientists. Generally, the objective of modifying food genetically is to make them attractive and unique thus being able to impress the customers. In addition, the other objective that makes GMOs be available in the markets is because they are easy to manufacture. Foodstuffs, which undergo genetic engineering, include tomatoes, soybeans, corn, and other leafy vegetables.

The crops genetic modification occurred earlier in scientific manufacturing through cross-pollination and breeding. Moreover, the GMO system is used to manufacture crops with high resistance to pest’s invasion thus enabling their bulk harvest (Nestle 59). The science of genetic engineering permits for a precise gene to be extracted and transplanted among organisms. For instance, the creation of pest’s opposing crops is done through obtaining the resistive gene in a given plant and shifting it to another hence giving the new plant the ability to defy pests.

History of GMOs

In agriculture, the account of genetically modified organisms commenced before their account was documented. This is because, up to 12,000 years ago, the prehistoric farmers kept on selecting the plants and seed which had a high level of productivity. Transformation in agriculture begun to be realized in the 20th century, whereby the farm experts started choosing the productive characters of specific crop gene and modifying the genes in the fresh crops. The concept of Gregor Mendel to practically cross breeds in 1860 initiated the study of genes scientifically. In this case, he established the gene concept which he referred to it as the heredity of units (Nelson 30). The discovery of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid-DNA in 1868 by Friedrich Meischer who was a German chemist, continued to create the theory of GMO. However, this concept of DNA was received lightly by scientists. This was because they analyzed it in simple terms whereby they perceived that this process required the use of simple chemicals in order to determine genetic information of any given substance. Besides, they categorized Proteins in the genetic basis of which it was inappropriate and lack of knowledge according to scientific study….

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