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I want to start an accelerator that funds for-profit tech startups that have social progress as one of their main success metrics, e.g. “How many new people have we provided clean water to this quarter?” My academic goals reflect this overall goal and the Online Master of Computer Science program is the ideal way to get started.

By the end of 2019, I want to be hosting my first accelerator event. By this time, I should have 30 investors, minimum, with 1.5 million in available funding for the prospective startups. To do this, I would need to attract many skilled teams from across the US. Through earning a degree in Entrepreneurship Management, I gained experience with several business ventures. I now know finance, marketing, and management, and I’ve met amazing people in different business functions. But I don’t have any meaningful knowledge about technology or connections to anyone working in technology. Being an alumnus of Georgia Tech’s world-class Computer Science Department would enable me to reach out to highly skilled technology professionals as one of their own. I want to make sure that the event is ‘by tech people, for tech people’.

Georgia Tech has some of the world’s toughest curricula. And the College of Computing is one of the oldest and most renowned programs in the US (And it’s not just me saying that -it’s all over the Internet! And Obama said Georgia Tech is awesome too.) I hope to earn credibility and insight by completing the Computing Systems specialization and also by contributing to research on reducing the need for software patches. Also, I want to learn about iterative development and agile project management so that I can relate to the attendees at my event. I’ve already held several fundraising events for non-profits, I’ve helped to run new initiatives for student government and clubs, and I’ve attended Start-up Weekend. In each case, it has helped tremendously that the attendees know they have some connection with the organizers, the more genuine the connection, the better.

A graduate degree in computer science from Georgia Tech would mean that I have gained a world-class education that would prepare me to make my dent in the world. I would have the credibility to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge to entrepreneurs for many more years.

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