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Definition Of A Hero and Heroic Qualities

Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Rosa Parks are all examples of people who did great things. With this said, when you see these names, you think of them as heroes. On the other hand, aren’t we forgetting the men and women who are just as noble and compassionate, such as single mothers, fathers, patient teachers, and kids who live to make others happy? An anonymous writer states that, “ There is a hero inside all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” This is a very powerful quote because it doesn’t talk about well known, famous, heroic people. It shows that anyone can be hero, you just have to take risks. A quality definition of a hero is simple. A hero does extraordinary things in their everyday life; they do not strive for recognition, they do not want money, and they do not look for chances to be a “Hero”. And they attempt to be kind and sympathetic; but do not exclude others. In the real world, they are almost everyone around us. Regular people doing phenomenal things.

In the real world, all heroes have almost the same characteristics. They are kind, brave, selfless, and always willing to help. Yes, famous heroes share these traits, but we forget the people who are less open to tell about their good deeds. With this said, we do not realize the other heroes that are shaping our world for the better. Take Harriet Tubman for example, she did amazing things. She risked her life everyday, and saved people’s lives although the stakes were high. Only a small percentage of people knew what she did. But she did not seek fame, and accolade for saving others. No, she was humble and brave, and because of that, she is now recognized, she is a true hero. In other words, a hero does not save and help others just to do it. A hero usually helps people because they feel the need to do so. Whether it is saving someone from slavery because you were once a slave (Frederick Douglass) , or building awareness or a sense of community towards others, heroes are always assisting because they feel concerned, that is what makes them a true hero.

What kind of people are heroes to you? Are they buff men in armour, capes, or suits? If so, they are probably very unrealistic. Because of America’s history, television shows, and books, all advertise only heroes that are men. Kids, teens, and adults all get affected by this naive idea. For example, every superhero comic that is starring mostly, (or only) male characters are much more popular. Furthermore, kids and teens that are growing have a hard time truly defining what a hero is. Most kids in America will say a fire(man), a police(man), or a soldier, in which they probably also think of as men. Instead, heroes are small, young girls that speak up about subjects such as bullying, or organizations helping kids be happy and healthy all throughout their life. Or raising awareness of diseases and the way to help. For these reasons, hopefully you now understand that courage knows no boundaries, age, gender, or nationality.

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