Historical Change Essay

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Historical Change

“The Civil War gradually rose from existing tensions in the United States. Many people in the region felt the rise of certain practices that were not enshrined and protected in the independence charter. This is irrespective of the fact that a majority of the practices, ideas, and ideologies were a gross violation of the aspect of independence in the States. It is clear that issues of race, political ideologies and perceptions contributed adversely to the inflamed passions that led to the Civil War (Fitzhugh 1)1. Slavery and the threat of secession also contributed to the negative thoughts that muddled the opinions of the Northerners and Southerners. This contributed to the cataclysmic effect of the Civil War that led to the death of many people, and the ultimate destruction of property. The reconstruction process took the longest period, and it is classified as the longest journey that the US has ever taken (Emerson 2)2. This paper aims to analyze the role of ordinary Americans in the realization of historical change. It will dissect the opinions of public writers and correspondents in line with the journey of changing historical aspects before the Civil War.

Public writers and correspondents concentrated solely on the fact that people thought of how to survive in the period preceding the Civil War. Majority of the people did not pay heed to the elements of tensions that eventually sparked the Civil War. The division of the US focused on varied ideologies propagated by the “ordinary people”. This means that the contribution of these ordinary people towards historical change could be termed as a lot. The marginalized and enslaved states in the region formed significant clout of people who fought to ensure that their ideas were protected (Lydia Hotchkiss to Jedediah Hotchkiss 1)1. The issue of slavery had gone on for years, and the clamor for rights and dignity took center stage. The Southerners constantly feared that the slaves and aspects of slavery would be drastically eradicated as observed in varied regions. The freed African-Americans fought the ideology battle with all those that insisted on the expansion of slavery and slave states (Calhoun 1)2. The formation of the Confederacy contributed immensely to the realization of the role of the freed African Americans and their counterparts who were enslaved in the slave states.

In many memoirs and personalized letters, it is clear that the communication between families significantly dissected the period before the war. Those letters could today be termed as pre-war letters showing the analytical approaches that many families took in line with understanding the situation around them. This is through the dissection of the declared slave states, the aspect of secession, emancipation of the slaves and potential uprisings in the event that freedom was not guaranteed. The most notable examples of such families included the Dunlap’s, Clayton’s and the Cochran’s and their letters covering the period between 1840’s-1860. The letters contain graphical contributions and written analytical elements that aimed to dissect the period and its results….

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