Human Resources Management Business Plan

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Job requirements matrix

The following job requirements matrix seeks to explore the applicability of various methods of selection according to the particular Human Resources job, and most importantly, according to various knowledge skills and abilities (KSA) as the job specifies. These essential functions and their associated KSAs are explained below in detail, exploring the various method chosen as well, according to a discussion of the reliability, validity as well as the cost of every method. An exploration of ways through which the hiring decision will be made is also explored below.

Appropriate selection tests

Selection tests are any instruments used to make appropriate decisions with regard to a potential employee. There are a number of selection tests that an organization can use to establish if a potential employee has the potential of being successful on the job. Selection tests are very important considering that they can identify applicant skills that cannot be established in an interview process. According to a variety of testing methods, potential employees are rated based on issues such as personality, abilities, aptitude, motivation, and honesty. A selection test that is properly designed is supposed to be standardized, reliable as well as valid in predicting the success of an applicant on the job. Standardization refers to the uniformity of the procedures used when administering a test. Standardization is very important to enable the persons administering the test to be able to equitably make comparisons of the performance of the applicants. This refers to things such as the content of the test, the instructions provided as well as the time allocated for the tests, things that should be the same for every candidate. For instance, when administering a timed keyboarding test, one applicant should not be tested on a manual typewriter at the same time as other candidates are tested on modern computer keyboards.

Reliability is also crucial to selection tests. This refers to the extent to which the test is able to provide reliable or dependable results. The reliability of a test should be questioned if the test does not come up with consistent results every time the test is used. Validity refers to the extent to which a test delivers what it claimed to measure. For a test to be valid, it is important that the skills tested are relevant to the skills required in the job position open. This is a very important consideration as it ensures that candidates that score highly are considered first for the job, as this would mean that these same candidates have higher abilities in performing the job. In consideration of these factors, the following selection tests are examined…

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