Hypnosis Research Paper

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Hypnosis Theories and Application

Hypnosis involves the introductions to the way in which a patient receives suggestions, which help him achieve a certain level of healing. Hypnosis is a psychological state, which resembles certain physiological attributes. The participant responds to suggestions given to them by the hypnotic. It deals with the mental and imaginative state induced by the hypnotic procedures. The hypnotic procedure is chiomposed of preliminary suggestions and instructions, delivered by the hypnotist. In therapeutic purposes, the process reduces pain and anxiety. Hypnosis improves the memory of an individual (Valente, 2003).

They are of a form of communication, directed into the mind of a particular person. “Hypnosis is the communications directed to the conscious and subconscious mind of the subject” (Braid, 1843). They may take the form of metaphors and stories directed to the subject. Suggestions produce an immediate response. The subject accepts the actions and though without resistance. The hypnotized person becomes more responsive to suggestions made by the hypnotist. Relaxation suggestions leave the subject into a relaxed state. Deepening suggestions makes the subject to enter into the trance state. In the hypnotic trance state, the subject closes his eyes, and the subject is not able to open them.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnotic does not have control over the participant. The hypnotic does not have control over the participant, but guides him or her on instruction and giving him the suggestion to follow. Therefore, the hypnotherapist helps the participant to achieve a trance state. The person can choose to go along with suggestions or simply block it. The hypnotic trance is a normal state of mind used as a means of controlling the human given the suggestions. A person may slip into trance several times in a day. When the participant is listening to music or when the person is particularly concentrating on reading a book or watching a movie, he is able to enter the trance state. In this state, the participant is not able to hear anything from other people even if one talks to him or her (Braid, 1843). According to Kirsch (1996), “during a hypnotic trance, the rational part of the mind is “turned down’ to allow for more access to the subconscious part of the mind”. The subconscious part of the mind is particularly crucial since it controls the personal habits, fears, and other automated functions. Hypnosis boosts the will power of a person in order to achieve the goals (Kirsch, 1996). Researchers, physicians, and other professional use hypnosis to know how the human mind works…

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