I Have a Dream Speech Essay

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Today we gather not only for a meeting but for a change in dress code in this school. Many years ago, a change was made to where we were not allowed to wear a girl’s favorite clothing, Nike shorts. This has been such a grievance to all young women at Santa Fe High School. This small change will have such a huge positive impact in every aspect. I know some people frown upon this but this is no negative effect to this. Many other schools do this, why can’t we?

I have a dream that one-day young ladies at SFHS will be able to wear Nike shorts to school. I have a dream that we can change this old, ridiculous policy that they so heavily enforce upon us students. This isn’t a time for a change. This is the time for the change. This is gradually only going to make our school better in many different ways. And no this will not distract people’s learning environment, but only make it a stronger atmosphere to be in.

This will encourage girls to want to come to school and have comfort in wearing Nike shorts. For example, many schools in our surrounding area are allowed to wear Nike shorts and they overall grades and attendance levels are almost double ours. The reasoning behind this is the comfort of these lovable shorts. With this comfort, our knowledge will flourish. With this comfort, we can be comfy and now “distract” people’s learning environment. With this comfort, we will not only better the knowledge of us young women but broaden our future in ways that were impossible with no Nike shorts.

I have a dream that today we can make this dream come true by putting it straight into the action. Putting this plan into action will help young women in a various amount of ways. Let us show you the positive changes that will occur from this one change. Let us show you the attendance levels, and grades just rise dramatically incline. Let us show you how this could only help us and make us better. Let us show you the people we can become.

This is our hope because we love Nike shorts, and it will make a change for the better. The comfort of wearing Nike shorts will change girl’s mindsets to want to come to school because they know they are comfortable. Change this so we can have the freedom to wear what we want.

Change this to where we can be who we want to be by wearing what we want to wear.

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