Illegal Immigration Argumentative Essay

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has been a hugely controversial topic and has been argued amongst many. Illegal immigration has been a part of a huge problem throughout the United States of America. When President Barack Obama took office, he had addressed the idea of illegal immigration, later allowing a total of 12 million immigrants into the United States. Most of the immigrants immigrate from places like Mexico, and Central America. When President Donald Trump took office, he decided to change the laws on immigration.

To begin, in the 19th century, different types of illegal immigrants had been considered to be a threat to the Americans. First, the illegal immigrants had taken jobs away from the Americans, leaving many without jobs, or a healthy source of income. Second, it had brought new stems certain gangs in, thus resulting in a higher crime rate. Last, the illegal immigrants had been using a vast amount of American resources such as food stamps, government checks, and natural resources.

In 1965, a system that controlled the number of immigrants from each country had been destroyed. The people who decided to destroy this had a mind that obviously wanted to help them. These certain people wanted to strongly encourage people to immigrate to America, and join up with their other family members. In the result of the policy being broken, a total of 1 million people per year entered the United States illegally; many immigrants came from Mexico and even some from parts of Asia.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan made it possible for 3. 2 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States legally. Little did he know his plan would become ineffective and undermined. This plan had obviously failed because many decided to hop the border and stay in the United States without permission. This is a part of the big problem, the Americans decided to grant a majority of the legal right in the United States, and even with that amnesty, they still decided to break the rules.

Next, Donald Trump had addressed a bill that had allowed thousands of young immigrants that had entered the United States. This program, also known as DACA, is now coming to an end after being in effect for quite some time. Trump decided to take the standpoint of taking the Americans first. The Senate had recently just tried to pass a bill that would allow more than 1 million illegal immigrants into the US, for anyone under the age of 18. All they had to do, was pass all the checks and get the papers and they would end up being fine. When observing President Trump’s reaction to the bill, it makes it quite relevant that the bill is most certainly not going to pass.

In the news post that was written by Maria Sacchetti, it portrays a soccer star getting deported, after building a life here in the United States. On the outside, the article makes you think bad about deportation, but after closely analyzing the article, more information is released. It turns out that Lizandro Claros Saravia entered the United States illegally in 2009. Saravia used fraudulent visas and fraudulent passports to enter the United States. See the article goes on to state that he has to build a new life in Mexico. The real problem with this is that he committed a crime that is punishable by law. And several are sticking up for him even when they do not know all the facts. Next, any law that is broken should be punishable by law, regardless of gender, religion, race, or social status.

On the other hand, Deportation has the potential to tear many families apart. Many women illegals have entered the United States illegally, in an effort to have their baby be born here, to make a better life for the baby. Well, after the baby is born, he or she is considered to be a citizen of the United States, therefore they can’t be deported, but the parents could. In saying that, if the deportation services find out, the parents would then be deported, and the child would grow up without the biological parents.

In closing, illegal immigration had been a big problem in the United States. Obama made an effort to allow the undocumented immigrants to enter in, but President Trump wasn’t having any of that. Trump decided to end the program DACA and deport those under the program. Last, this essay had shown the grace that many have extended them, but rather than taking it and obeying, the illegals decided to enter in any way.

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