Importance of Education Essay

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Topic: The Importance of Education

Having an education gives us the building blocks we need for our lives, allowing us to shape our future for the better. Education will give the ability to make this decision. In getting educated we can make our lives much stable and enjoyable. A stable life leads us to have more promise for things such as a good job and giving more freedom to do whatever you like. Many people around the world have dream jobs with the field of study they pursued. Through education, we have this freedom of not only exploring what options for jobs there are but can enable us to turn our dreams into reality. It gives us study options like law, medicine, engineering and more. Also allowing for more pathways if a certain field of study is not to your liking. As education is important to many, there will also come responsibility and self-discipline. Dedicating time towards studying and prioritizing tasks to get the most out of completing work. Self-discipline does not necessarily mean to force yourself to work, more so it is a way of reducing workloads and focusing on long term goals, this also includes good choices to further improve academic activity. Education is a tool everyone needs in their lives, it can give us stability and freedom, living your dreams to their fullest potential and allows for self-discipline to achieve what you want.

Many people misconceive the idea of needing an education to be stable in life, however, this may not the case. Our future can depend on the choices we make for our learning and development through education. Education can play a major role in someone’s stability in their life. According to Medium, they stated that “Education provides us a stable and happy life when we are educated because education provide us the ability to think for good and bad.” (Medium, 2015). Making the right choices is what can allow for our future stability, this being done through education and how it can allow someone to secure a job and earning a stable income. The options we choose now can either make or break us in the future. Stability can branch off into financial scenarios, as such acquiring a job is a backbone for financial stability. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis a finding shows, “The median income for those without a high school diploma in 2013 was $22,320, down 1 percent from 1989; for those with such a diploma, etc., $41,190, down 16 percent; for those with a two- or four-year degree, $76,293, down 5 percent; and for those with an advanced degree, $116,265, up 4 percent.” (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2015). This provides an insight into what having an education can bring to someone financially, in seeing the type of income made and the degrees associated with them. Education is like a key to having financial stability in life, the more someone is invested into learned and improving, the better it can become for them, also acquiring the necessary skills for having stability. Stability starts from the education you receive and the work you put in, it wouldn’t matter whether or not you went to college or university, more so making the beneficial choices to build upon one's education to find stability.

Exploring choices for a career can be challenging when a decision is not made for what you want to become. Through education, we can explore what types of careers there are to pursue. A lot of people may have a dream job in their mind and would want to work in that certain field, through the many subjects provided in school such as science, mathematics, art and language studies we can dig deeper into what a subject provides, for example, it may be in students favour taking science courses related to chemistry, physics and biology to pursue a career in biochemistry. We are given the option in school to study now for our higher education. The idea of working towards a dream job is not impossible as a survey by HIRED suggests that “70% of employed believe having their dream job is possible.” (HIRED, 2020). A possibility for this comes from the work done in school, the role of education comes in by teaching skills needed for said dream job. But this also goes for any jobs in general, say for example you have a choice of jobs such as engineering or medical provided as a suggestion by parents, you’d want to make them happy but at the same time it wouldn’t be something you would necessarily like for your future, hence why the different subjects at school are taught to us. The purpose of school subjects is to expand and develop your knowledge for them, and if interested take it further in the future. Through education, there is no reliance on anyone but yourself, you make the choices determining what you want your future job to be like. It doesn’t just go for jobs but the skills and information you learn within a class can be applied to real life, you have the benefit of being knowledgeable about certain things which others may not be knowledgeable of, it’s not any sort of disadvantage to explore pathways and different courses, it may end up being the most interesting thing to some people, but again this is what gives a base for our future jobs. Education allows us to explore the interests we have which allow us to realize what potential we may have.

To improve our education, we must take responsibility due to us having accountability for our success academically. Things we may take for granted at times like time-management, for example, is very crucial, especially in a university setting, imagine the consequences for missing a major assignment, your mark would not be looking the best after that. In taking responsibility a lot of future problems can be avoided, as well as give more room to achieve goals and taking control. Jamestown Community College would describe a responsible student as “engaged learners who dedicate sufficient time out of class to college work.” And “identify, develop, and implement a plan to achieve their educational goals.” Although these statements only mention college, it would not mean that it does not apply to different areas of education like a high school or university setting. Self-discipline and responsibility are all it would take for a student with poor marks or marks they would not consider the best, to be better in their study and create an easier path for their academic success. The deadlines, assignments and such provided by instructors make a great base for creating the standards needed to achieve overall success, in this way how education plays its part is by the subject and task at hand, it gives what the student needs to look for and what to provide. A skill like this doesn’t only apply to classroom settings but in any setting needed, it’s a skill we all need for any purpose, for example, as a surgeon you wouldn’t want to ruin a life by taking one through a failed procedure due to foolishness or lack of responsibility, you would need to make yourself worthy and disciplined to make a procedure the safest and the best it could be, in scenarios like this, self-discipline would be needed. It doesn’t always take one assignment or a deadline to become self-disciplined and responsible, but in having this skill all the time you can find success.

Education is a necessity in our lives, needed to help us gain and experience what life has to offer for us, through education we not only better ourselves but learn the valuable skills needed in our lifetime. Creating a stable life requires knowledge from learned subjects in education, regardless of what they may be. We can create stability through education itself, this happens because of the knowledge which may be known over others, with education also comes a job that can easily be acquired and with that job lets you have a stable income which is also financial stability. Along with stability comes the opportunities which are brought to us, we learn many subjects at once allowing for lots of exploration and interests into certain fields of study, even with a job in mind it requires the work and beneficial choices needed to become successful, also when taking courses the main benefit would be knowing something which wasn’t known previously. In wanting success, we must also have a sense of self-discipline and responsibility to further improve ourselves in our academic journeys, actions such as time management and scheduling are all important to help aid in becoming a successful student. These skills come from what we learn in our study through deadlines, assignments, etc., it allows for a base to be created for your responsibility. Education provides us with the most unique options for our lives and without it, we may never understand a lot of things.

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