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My favorite spot in my home

To the lazy days, busy nights, or the occasional hangout spot, my living room has always been a staple in my home. Walking in through the double doors in the front, there is a seemingly large open area to the left of the home while on the right, there would be a staircase leading to the second level. The living room engulfed much of what would be the downstairs, excluding the kitchen that was connected to it. The room was fairly simple, sofas and chairs around, but to the left, there were three large open windows that revealed a screened-in porch sitting in the backyard overlooking much of the neighborhood. An enormous, soft rug covered the ground with an unseemly tiny coffee table standing upon it, and a TV hanging on the wall above the fireplace. To the right of it, there are shelves littered with old emotions and the left, cluttered with a ridiculous amount of books. The components that made the living room had an effect of making lifelong memories.

A memory that I can recall easily, was on a particular Sunday. It started with me treading down the steps early in the morning, to the cushions on the sofa. When I arose, I pulled the blinds to the windows to reveal a morning sun shining through, giving a feeling of relaxation, comfort, and easiness. The rest of the morning was spent lounging around in my pajamas tuning in to my favorite cartoons. This has contributed to many Sundays making it a traditional, lazy Sunday. Weekend nights were packed with a variety of board games. For any of the two nights, a set time would be made for the whole family to meet in the living room to compete in a series of friendly competitions. The nights would be filled with shouts, laughter, and arguments on both sides making it interesting and engaging until the winner was announced.

The living room was a room I had to spend most of the time in. It will serve as a lasting memory for years to come. It had always been the center place that everyone naturally congregated to, whether it be a company or my family itself. I plan for the future, to have my living room provide a sense of comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation just as my old living room did for me. I believe that setting the environment in your living room will dictate what the atmosphere in the rest of your home will feel like.

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