Negative Effects of Violent Video Games Essay

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The Impact of Violent Video Games Being a Contributor to Aggressive Behavior

Background of the Study

The embers of scientific and technological advancements have been fanned into the flames of a scientific revolution. The contemporary world has witnessed new discoveries and developments. The contemporary world is at the cusp of a scientific revolution. At the moment, scientific advances have put the world at a more sophisticated level than before. The world has become competitive and, therefore, there is a need for technology to keep abreast with the changing times. The creativity and innovativeness that is being exhibited in the modern world are unparalleled. The techno-survey generation has become the center stage of advancing technology and creativity. Business enterprises have embraced technology in order to produce goods and services that are responsive to market demands and customer oriented. This is an assurance of acceptability and willingness to buy their products. These technological advancements have brought scientific advancements that are unrivaled by any other discoveries in history. Technology has revolutionized music and entertainment and all other spheres of life. At the moment, people pride themselves in the level of scientific discoveries and successes that they have made in the recent past ( Argyrous, 2011).

Children are always mentioned in the same breathe with the scientific advances in human history. At the moment, they are the chief beneficiaries, but at the same time are the victims of the side effects of scientific advances. They are the cohort that enjoys music, videos, video games, and other sports more than any other age group. This entertainment comes with its inherent issues of addiction to video games, shaping of a wrong moral code and even violent behaviors that are associated with the fiction that people read and watch in the video games. The situation has been complicated further by the creation of smaller gadgets which makes the control of addiction to video games and prevention of its inherent problems among teenagers a difficult prospect. The market segment remains firmly hinged in the young population. On the flip side, the manufacturing companies do not care about whom being most is affected by issues that arise from technological devices that are not live to the current economic trends and social issues within the society. This study will focus on the role played by violent video games in leading to aggressive behavior (Healy, 2011).

Specific Objectives

1) To investigate the role of video games in influencing aggressive behavior in the future.
2) To establish the relationship between aggressive behavior and watching of violent video games.
3) To identify other possible factors that influence the future behavior of young people.
Research Questions
1) What is the contribution of video games in leading to aggressive behavior?
2) How does aggressiveness in the future relate to exposure to video games that are violent?
3) Apart from violent video games, what are the other factors that contribute to aggressive behavior?

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