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NYU Supplement Essay Submission

Here is my NYU Supplemental Essay that got me accepted into NYU as a Class of 2024 Student (Sociology major at the College of Arts and Sciences). I got in Regular Decision.

As a tutor, I have had a variety of experiences with the students I have worked with. During one of our sessions last year, I worked with two girls on a passage they had to read for their third grade class. A minute into the reading, I began to notice the differences in the comprehension and focus abilities between the two students. One was speeding through the passage, reading every word with clarity, while the other struggled to keep up.

After we got through the passage, I spoke to the girls to get a sense of their personalities and backgrounds outside of school. I quickly learned that the two girls came from completely different familial and societal backgrounds. The differences between these two girls fascinated me and further motivated me to help them with their reading abilities. It also sparked my interest in the study of society, social interaction, and the culture of everyday life.

NYU’s sociology program would provide me with unparalleled resources to study and explore my interest in the field. As a sociology major, I would take “Wealth, Power, Status: Inequality in Society” to learn about the differences between people caused by their socioeconomic status. I would also take “Education and Society” to further understand the effect of one’s education on their life as well as the relationship between teachers and students. This course would also allow me to learn more about working with kids, as I currently do in my tutoring program.

At NYU, I would like to conduct research about the sources of racial inequality in the public schools of New York City. NYU’s competitive Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund would allow me to do so; it provides CAS students with funds to conduct on-site research, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with a distinguished faculty mentor.

With my sociology BA, I would like to continue onto graduate school and pursue a career in social work. In this field, I would use my abilities to help children and families grow and thrive. NYU would give me preeminent access to grow in this field. At NYU, I would not only learn skills that will contribute to my career, but I would also grow as an individual and as a member of society.

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