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In any country people are going to have different opinions on how things are run. In America, since our country is one where you are free to voice your opinion, it seems that the disagreements never stop. Particularly for one thing: our nation’s healthcare. Barack Obama, our forty fourth president proposed a new health care act, The Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” shortly after he became elected. An act that congress said they will read after they pass it, an act that some say was passed illegally. With the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump many people with liberal views or people who support Obamacare are worried that it will be ‘destroyed’ because Trump believes that the negatives in the act outweigh the positives. Though, he has said he is open to keeping certain elements of Obamacare.

The ultimate goal for Obamacare is to give affordable healthcare to the population of the United States who does not currently have it. These people include people whose employers do not provide it, people who cannot afford it, or people who do not meet the requirements to be covered by the United States programs for the underprivileged and the elderly. Obamacare requires that all Americans have healthcare, and aims to get younger people into buying it to lower the cost. If a business’s health care that they offer to their employees does not meet the requirements of Obamacare, it can not be used by anyone, in addition the act prohibits health care companies from denying anyone healthcare due to outstanding health conditions, and states “if you like your plan you can keep your plan”. There are two thousand four hundred and nine pages to this law, and congress originally said they would read it after they passed it.

Affordable healthcare for all? That sounds a bit hard to achieve. What about the people who cannot afford the deductible that in some states is over three thousand dollars? It is hard to find a price that is reasonable for every American out there as there are vastly different annual incomes throughout the country. Some people unfortunately do not make enough money to cover the deductible required by their state.

“Unfortunately, the sky-high deductibles are making these plan useless. The New York Times described a common experience of Obamacare consumers “The deductible, three thousand dollars a year, makes it impossible to actually go to the doctor,” said David R. Reines, 60, of Jefferson Township, N.J., a former hardware salesman with chronic knee pain. “We have insurance, but can’t afford to use it.” As previously said, “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” was widely campaigned but in reality, many of the plans that people likes were discontinued. “ This may have been a catchy political phrase for approval of his senseless program but after millions of Americans had their plans cancelled Obama’s infamous fabrication was named the 2013 Politifact lie of the Year”. For corporations who offered their employees a higher standard of healthcare, a ‘cadillac tax’ imposed. This caused many corporations to reduce the benefit level previously enjoyed by their employees. This greatly lowered America’s standard of healthcare leading to employees of companies paying more money for a lower standard of healthcare. Who wants to pay more for less? Especially when it comes to your families health and your own. As for the people who cannot afford to pay for Obamacare, they do receive assistance. Although, this assistance is not very helpful.

It is considered taxable income and could cause increased cost to families receiving assistance to pay for the required health care benefits. “Free healthcare to all” was also campaigned, nothing in life is free. At some point in time, the usage of the word ‘free’ and the title of the topic “Where can I get free or low-cost care in my community” was changed on the official Obamacare site. It now reads, “Where can I get low cost care in my community” and the word Obama used so often, ‘free’ has disappeared from the site. In 2008, Obama promised that his healthcare plan would reduce a ‘typical’ family’s premium by up to two thousand five hundred dollars per year. In contrast, annual premium rates have risen. This just goes to show that a politician will say anything to get elected. In addition, Obamacare imposes new taxes on drug companies and medical device makers, as well as new regulations that will make healthcare more costly for seniors. Why? Why make healthcare cost more for the people who usually depend on it and need it the most? Statistically speaking, 19% of people said that Obamacare has actually helped their families or themselves while 22% have said that it has hurt them or their families. While Obamacare prohibits illegal immigrants from having health care, some of the funds are ending up being spent on illegal immigrants. “But no honest person can deny that because of Obamacare, more taxpayer resources at the state and local level are being spent on health care of illegal immigrants than would have been spent otherwise.” This leaves me wondering why tax paying American citizens should have to pay for someone who is here illegally.

Now, not all of the plan is bad. I’m sure everyone can appreciate the fact that health insurance companies are not able to deny you coverage due to your health conditions. That is a major plus because if you are a citizen of the United States, and you are looking for healthcare, willing to pay for it, you should not be denied it. Also, if a company has more than 50 full time employees they are required to offer healthcare to them. Allowing young people to remain on their parents insurance plan until the age of twenty six can be helpful to those people. Now a day most kids rely on their parents until their mid twenties due to college, not making a decent salary & not being able to find a steady job.

With the knowledge you now know of the pros and cons of Obamacare I urge you to consider being more on the side of repealing the act. As you read more about it, the cons are more persistent and more critical than the pros. Sure, affordable healthcare for all would be nice, but it is just not attainable. Too many people make different amounts of money, too many people need a certain standard of healthcare and, too many people do not know enough about the law. This law is extremely controversial and it would be best to get rid of the bad parts, and keep the good. Some people may not even want to have healthcare so why should the government force you to have it? This law has all kinds of problems within it and it has been hazardous to our country.

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