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Essay for PTE (Pearson Language Tests): Advantages/Disadvantages of TV

All over the world, tv has been one of the most important media sources that are helping people around the globe. But still there is an ongoing debate whether tv is a boon to the universe, my views are that the advantages of tv outweigh the disadvantages. I shall explain my point of view by analyzing the argument and would lead it to a logical conclusion.

To begin with, a variety of reasons can be put forward but education and entertainment is of the major reason why every house in the world has television these days. Taking an example of serials on quizzes, technical stuffs impart education to children at all levels. Various channels like news, discovery, and animal geography imparts awareness to people and provides day to day updates around the globe.

In addition to the above advantages it is clearly seen that every house needs to have a tv. Taking another example of old people who stay alone at home, tv is one of the major companion for them. Children at all age groups watch cartoon, movies and technical exhibits is another resource of learning they gain from tv. Still there can be some disadvantages for the usage of television but the advantages are more affable and glamorous.

In conclusion, taking the points as mentioned in the above two paragraphs from a personal prespective without a shadow of doubt, I conclude that tv plays a major role in every individuals lives. I strongly recommend everyone to watch tv to each knowledge, awareness and entertainment.

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