Reasons to Attend College Essay

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Topic: Reasons to go to College

Have you ever thought why do we have to go to college, is it really worth going to college? College is actually worth it because people will have a better life if they graduate college and a better future. College is worth it because students get to explore more about people and share their ideas, they get to socialize more, and they have a higher chance of getting a better job.

First, college exposes students to explore people cultures and they get to share there new ideas. Students get to learn about different cultures and religions, 59.1% of students would help improve their understanding of other countries and cultures and also my cousin learned a lot of different cultures. Another reason why college is important is students are likely to make more friends and share their ideas, my sister in college get to share new ideas, they also have more business connection. Besides college help students socialize more and work with different people, 70.7% college freshman said” they expected to socialize with someone with a different race.” College students said, ” they are going to work with many different personalities.”

Second, young adult learn socializing skill in college. One out of seven students socially progress as they attend college, there are a little people that have progresses talking and there are a lot that did not progress. Than 11,000 students say,”It’s the most important skill in there daily life,” socializing is the most important skill in life because they wouldn’t be able to communicate by talking and there are a lot of people that don’t know sign language. For instance americans are the most innovative people in the world because of their education system, I agree that americans are the most people who talk because there are alot of races that don’t like to talk a lot because they think people will laugh at them.

In fact there are a lot of jobs that require you to have a college diploma and a degree. 187,000 jobs are requiring college diploma and degree, one out of three college graduates only require high school job. However college graduates earn an average of 56% more than a high school job, my sister earned more a lot more money than she did over her high school job. Finally 85.2% went to college because they wanted a better job and a better future. My aunt in New York CIty went to college because they told her she had a higher chance of having her own bakery business.

It is true that college is a good thing for students because they get to explore other people culture they share ideas, they get to socialize more, and there are better jobs that require a college degree. For these reason, it is positive that college is acquired for students because they get more opportunities in life. There are a lot of students that go to college and say,” It is worth going to college because college students have a bigger chance of having a job and they are going to have a better future in life.

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