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The Berlin study abroad program would support my academic goals by allowing me to have an experience with my peers with whom I share common goals. It also contributes towards my Honors degree while allowing me to have an academic and personal enriching experience in a foreign country. The rarity of the opportunity to go to Berlin, Germany to study the Holocaust as a study abroad trip with Columbus State University. I have always wanted to know more about the holocaust and to be able to understand what the victims went through and the state of mind of the German people and the psychological reasoning they used to support the anti-semantic ideology.

At the end of the semester, I will use my knowledge to create a memorial to help people understand, remember and learn the meaning of the Holocaust. During this trip, I will get to visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp that was built before the war started. Visiting the camp would allow me to put myself in the victims’ shoes and imagine what it was like for them living there under the harsh conditions. I am passionate about understanding people and their motives to do certain things. Psychology is my major. My ultimate goal is to open up my own practice and be able to understand what causes people feel and act the way they do. Then use that information to help them to understand and recognize their problems and aid them in fixing the problems they are facing and be successful in life.

By being able to go on this trip will grant me with the opportunity to further develop the skills I need to accomplish my goal and to understand the psychological reasons behind why the German people were able to do this. I want to answer the question: what caused them to believe the Jewish people should be unnecessarily prosecuted. I can better understand the variety of human behaviors shown by the different groups of victim, criminal, liberator and bystander. It then allows me to look at it from a social psychology perspective including concepts like groupthink.

Groupthink being a situation that occurs within a group of people where the desire for conformity within the group results in irrational decision-making and unquestionable following of a leader. International travel has always been a dream of mine, especially areas in Europe. I ultimately want to be a part in Doctors Without Borders and help people who typically would not be able to receive the treatment they need. Studying abroad will give me the chance to continue my education while soaking in the culture and customs of a society that is different from where I live. From an academic and a cultural perspective as well, I would be looking forward to spending spring break in Berlin. I am a person who always seeks new academic adventures and challenges. I am passionate about understanding people and their motives to do certain things. Studying abroad is a life experience that I cannot miss.

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