Should We Bring Extinct Species Back to Life? Essay

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Should we bring extinct species back to life? This question has stumped scientists for a long time. Bringing back the extinct animals sounds like a great idea, but when they actually come back to life, there will be lots of consequences, for us and the animals. I say no to this question using three sources to give reasons and support my claim. The three sources are They’re Back!(Article 1), Should We Bring Extinct Species Back to Life?(Video), and Should We Bring Back Extinct Species? No! (Article 2).

The first reason that we should not bring back extinct species, is the Environment. The environment has changed a lot since most animals have been extinct. If we bring them back to life now, they will not even survive a day without being in their natural habitat. In Article 2 it states that “Other kinds of animals that have been placed back in the wild in different parts of the world have not survived, either because they cannot adjust or because they are hunted”. This quote shows that animals that are extinct in the wild are very difficult to place back in the wild since it will take some time for them to adjust to their surroundings or scared of being hunted down. Another quote from Article 1 states that “For example, would a passenger pigeon fit into its old habitat? Or might it crowd out existing species?”. This quote shows that extinct animal such as the passenger pigeon cannot survive in this new environment that it will not recognize, so it will just move into or push out other species.

The second reason that we should not bring back extinct species, is that we need to learn about them more. We need to learn a lot more about these animals before bringing back them. We have to think about how long they will live, what will change if they are brought back etc. In Article 1 it states “In 2003, a team of Spanish and French scientists re-created the Pyrenean ibex, which had gone extinct three years earlier. The new animal didn’t survive long, but scientific advances should improve the success rate”. This quote shows that even though scientists did successfully recreate an extinct specimen, it only lived for a very short time. It also states that with more scientific research they can get the specimen to live longer. Another quote that proves my claim in the video states “I don’t think we will bring it back to life. Maybe that will happen one day in the future, but what we can do is learn more about it – Marilyn Renfree (0.51-0.55)”. This quote shows that a zoologist named Marilyn Renfree says that if we study more about the extinct animals and their DNA, genetic makeup, and all that stuff, you will have a better chance of bringing an extinct animal to life.

One last reason that we should not bring back extinct species, is that humans will bring these animals back to extinction repeatedly. Even if we bring them back to life, If humans do not give respect to these species they should not be brought back to life just to suffer again. In the video it states that “You know it was entirely human that made it extinct – Marilyn Renfree (0.09-0.13)”. This quote shows that literally, it is telling that humans are the ones who brought a lot of these animals to extinction. Another quote from Article 2 states that “Logging companies complain that they need to cut the lumber in the forests that are the owl’s home. In the future, will we stop protecting animals in the wild and just keep a few in zoos, knowing we could always make more when we need them? Dr.Pimm worries that people will stop caring about endangered species if we think that we can always put them back if we have their DNA”. This quote explains that not so smart people destroy endangered species homes. I also completely agree with Dr.Pimm, if people get ignorant and think just because they have the DNA of the extinct species they can bring them back any time they want and however many times they want even if they get extinct over and over again.

In conclusion, I think that people should not bring back the extinct species. They should leave them alone and don’t make them suffer by getting tortured by horrible people who destroy their homes, hunt them down and much more horrifying things. In the article Should We Bring Back Extinct Species? Yes! it states that “Bringing back these animals will provide new answers for science. Questions such as what happened to them and why similar species survived could be answered”. This quote tells us that scientists think that if they bring extinct species back. They will learn so many things and get answers to things that have never been answered before. I think that this is totally true, but also the downsides are they won’t be happy in the environment. They might die very fast, and people might just get ignorant and let the animals get extinct. So, in the end, my final opinion is that we should not bring back extinct species.

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