Single Sex School Essay

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Argumentative Essay on Same-Sex School

Imagine being a girl in a classroom of all girls throughout your entire school life. You have been told all your life to sit down and listen to the teachers while the boys in the classroom next to you are encouraged to roam free because they are labeled as “more athletic”. The idea of same-sex classrooms place stereotypical roles on children in education and can lead them further into gender segregation—all because of which gender they identify with.

To begin, the proposition of same-sex classrooms is discriminating and stereotyping gender groups. According to the article, “the complaints further allege that the school districts have conducted teacher trainings in the counties that are ‘premised upon, and promote, harmful stereotypes concerning asserted biological differences in brain structure and development.’” (source 2) The programs that promote single gender classrooms base their ideals on discredited theories about the differences between boys and girls. Also, the schools that endorse same-sex classrooms have introduced to the teachers that boys and girls learn differently from one another, which from my experience, is not the case. For example, a legally blind girl “alleges the lights were not bright enough in her classroom because the teachers have been told that girls respond better to a different kind of light.” (source 1) These actions go against a federal law called “Title IX” which prohibits sex discrimination in education.
To add, same-sex classrooms can damage the individual later in life. Because the teachers are encouraged to teach girls and boys differently this will “push boys and girls onto very different educational tracks and are exactly what anti-discrimination laws are supposed to protect parents and students from” (source 2) This could mean that later in life individuals will be discriminated further and jobs will be aimed towards certain genders. For example, girls will be taught to be teachers, stay at home moms, nurses, and maids while men will do more ‘masculine’ jobs such as construction workers, doctors, lawyers, etc. It may seem like offering same-sex classrooms is a simple change that can help students when in reality it will shift the way society labels the opposing genders.

On the other hand, some may argue that same-sex classrooms are not based on stereotypes and embrace the differences as a way to learn better for each gender. When in reality, same-sex classes will encourage discrimination and segregation of girls and boys. These supporters of single gendered classes have based their ideology on discredited theories and stereotyped statistics, including, “Boys have a higher physical activity level and develop self control later than girls…Girls seem to show stronger verbal skills and demonstrate empathy more readily than boys” (source 3) This is a stereotypical theory and can not be proven accurate in a lot of cases.

In conclusion, same-sex classrooms go against basic civil rights of equal treatment and stereotype girls and boys on how their education will be taught to them. Now if we go back to that instance of being a girl in a coed classroom instead of a same-sex classroom, you will be equally treated and will learn the same things are your male classmates and ultimately will be on the same education track as the opposing gender and break the glass ceiling society has imposed on us. With this mentality individuals can become whatever they want, men can be nurses and women can be doctors.

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