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1) A Study of the Performance of International Students in American Schools

Each year, universities in America accept a number of international students from various countries. Attending a school in a different country is more than simply acquiring an education in a new part of the world. It also involves adapting to the language, people, and society throughout the process of receiving that education. American students and international students will have their own experiences in learning based on their familiarity or unfamiliarity with American culture and society. Domestic students, those that have been raised in America, are much more comfortable due to the familiarity they have with their culture whereas international students raise their focus and efforts in order to assimilate and become “American.” Compared to domestic students, the new conditions to which international students are unaccustomed drive them to rise to the occasion and maintain a relentless focus, resulting in better performance.

Education is one of the most valuable resources in this world. Students will travel around the world, often to America, to receive a college education. In 2012-2013, an astounding 819,644 undergraduate and graduate international students arrived in America to receive a college education. (Haynie, 2013). Integrating into the American culture is a difficult decision due to many factors such as cost of education and cultural differences. International students often try new things, to meet more people, make more connections, and actively make the most of their education. These students have a very strong drive to learn. They are making the conscious choice to study in America, whereas domestic students often feel they have to follow a set track. Whether or not there is an interest, it is expected of the domestic students that they undertake high school immediately followed by college. At times, this opportunity is taken for granted. Furthermore, these domestic students are familiar with the cultural norms and have developed close social interactions with their peers.

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2) Foreign Students in America: What Attract Young Students to Study in America

Worldwide Experience

Study in an American university is much more than a student experience. It is as life learning, an experience that will teach you how to live. According to a news survey, in 2012, 764,496 students came to study in the USA that year, and the numbers continue to rise.

Why America attract so many foreign students? Probably because of the quality of the learning, the high level of acceptation in the economy market, or maybe there, they have a chance to be educated. Sometimes move to another country is a hard journey, new language, new people, new culture, a new way to learn. Knowing this, the purpose of this text is to guide international students in an American college, demonstrating the most important points, helping them succeed in their academic life.

The lessons, like, biology, math, kinesiology are pretty different, in the USA you have to be a dedicated student, you have to participate, and also it is a way to grade you, effort on it. Do your best in every class and take notes about the most important points. Copy what is written in the blackboard, also add your own information, what you understand about the topic, write the speech of the teacher. In addition of this, make sure that you have English proficiency, after all, in a university, is necessary every single day interact with people and talk with professors, solving your doubts, asking for advices. Have the ability to write and interpret texts are important as well, because as a student, many papers will be required, and know how to write them is important. In the other hand, interpret texts is necessary too, otherwise, you will not be able to read books required for some class, or even understand a text in a test.

One of the most important points to know is university resources. Resources like math lab, writing lab, international office and your advisor office are …. [unfinished essay]

3) The Evolution of the International Students in American Universities

International students always worry about cultural differences and surprised when they find that there are more important aspects to worry about. They find that there are many problems besides adapting to American culture to overcome. Moreover, there are more than 800.000 international students enroll in American universities, despite the number of international students in the United Kingdom are 436,585 students. American Universities become target for most international students. Therefore, the huge numbers of international students in American universities are making a big different aspect of responsibility to its students because the students are part of their classes and campus’ community. In fact, American researchers investigate on international problems to help them master their difficulties. Some of the researchers articles have interviewed the students and some of them collect the data through the survey. Also, in their article they provide some suggestions for the university stuff’s members and for the students themselves to overcome the difficulties. In fact, we need more researches in international students difficulties. Furthermore, American universities understand the culture differences among international students, in particular, they should consider the differences in teaching methods, language difficulties, and intellectual property as active area to search in.

American universities show their attention for international students by doing researches on the students adjusting to the new environment. Hartshorne & Baucom (2007) state that on their study they found that one of the students culture is similar to American culture. However, the other student has adjustment difficulty because his culture is different from American culture (83). At this point, we can infer that we need to do more research on the students’ difficulties. In fact, culture background is significant problem, but the students have more significant problems. In addition, Kim (2010) indicates that international students do not have a problem with English only, yet they have problem understanding American culture too. Now, we can realize that international students face a number of problems besides culture differences. Furthermore, American universities are considered the cultural background as an important part, but there are more significant problems stand on the students …. [unfinished essay]

4) Study Abroad Application Essay

An Introduction to the Many Reasons for Studying Abroad. What I Hope to Gain through Studying Abroad

I am interested in how people from different cultures and societies interact and live. I was born and raised my entire life in the Bay Area of California. I want to live, learn and experience what life is like in another country.

Studying abroad seems to offer a new perspective of education. It provides a foreign environment in which students can engage themselves both academically and socially. Such first-hand experiences are what I believe to be the key elements of true learning, as they allow one to attain knowledge based on personal experience and understanding.

Through studying and living in another country, I hope to expand my knowledge and perspective of others. I plan to do as much traveling as possible during my study abroad. I am excited to meet new people from diverse backgrounds along the way. I hope to engage in a mutually beneficial exchange of viewpoints with these people.

Since I have always lived in one central area, I feel that my overall perception of the world is somewhat shallow. I want to see how the world appears to others through their own eyes, thus developing a broader spectrum of values and ideologies. I believe this experience will enable me to be a more productive and empathetic world citizen.

5) Study Abroad Scholarship Essay The Advantages of Studying Abroad

International Study Abroad Scholarship Essay: Why study abroad?

Does globalization ring a bell? The reality of today world is our interdependence on one another both economically and socially. As time passes, we find that no country can be economically independent or socially exclusive, especially here in the United States where there is a plethora of cultural identities. Countries have discovered that they are not self-sufficient. Perhaps in the past, it would not have been so necessary to learn the skills required to deal with cultural and language differences, but today globalization has changed that fact. Nowadays, the business workforce needs to be trained in dealing with cultural and language differences in the world. I, as an international trade major, believe that going to France would provide me with these essential skills in order to be more valuable to my employer.

If somebody wants to be a successful businessperson, that person must be able to communicate efficiently in the language of that country. We have to remember that we are living in a world that is changing from independent to interdependent. Languages are becoming as important as any other subject in school. Cultural understanding is also important. Business people know that every country has a different mechanism to do business. In my country, Venezuela, we do not like to do business with somebody that we just met. In order for any business person to have a successful business in my country, they have to meet several times until they are familiar with the person that they are doing business with. In addition, some cultures are more resistant to change than others. In France, there was a big controversy about the McDonalds opened in Paris. French resisted to it because it was very different from their customs. They thought that France was going to be Americanized, and they wanted to keep their culture intact. Businesspeople are faced with the task to smooth these differences to do business successfully. In order to be able to do business in a foreign country, we not only have to know the language, but we must also be able to understand the culture of that country. Going to France will provide me with the experience of having already interacted with the French. I will be able to improve my conversational skills as well as understanding how they think, which will benefit me significantly in the future.

At the present time, the business world has a very competitive workforce. In order to be successful, one must learn as many productive skills as possible. Going to France will open the doors for me to a thirsty business world looking for professionals who can deal with the different countries around the globe. I believe that the best way to learn another culture is going to that country and living in it. This new experience will provide me with the knowledge necessary to be a successful businesswoman in the future.

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