What Have You Done to Make Your School or Community a Better Place? Essay

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For the wellbeing of all the members of our community, it is important that it the surroundings and the environment is kept clean and tidy. It is also necessary to satisfy all sections of the society. In order to ensure that everyone in my community lives happy, I have participated in several clean up drives that were held by my school and have also taken part in other community service activities such as serving at a labor camp.

During the month of Ramadan in Dubai, I along with my friends organized a group aimed at serving the labor at one of the labor camps by serving lunch and dinner to the entire camp which constituted of about 200 workers. We were a group of 11 members. We were supported by Dr. Sangeeth Ibrahim who provided us with transportation and we are really thankful to him for his support. When I reached the labor camp which was located in an industrial area, I was amazed that there were so many other people who were eager to help the society.

We had around about 2 hours setting everything up. We couldn’t waste our time talking and I being the senior-most, and therefore, the team leader distributed the different tasks such as setting the floor, preparing food, keeping water and tissues at regular intervals on the carpet by dividing the task among ourselves. Since we were accompanied by other people also, it was not that the tasks were very difficult. I started setting the carpet and water from the cartons. Once everything was prepared, we made long chains and started plating with some rice and watermelon. I was the person sitting next to karahi and running that big serving spoon into it and then passing it to the person who was next to me who would pass it on.

After the plates were set and prayers were completed, the labor came in and took their places.

After the end, I realized how satisfied I was by helping and taking a step at improving my community and make a smile on those faces that sweat day in and day out to build the foundation of any community.

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