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What is the Purpose of College?

College is a huge investment, wouldn’t one want to know what exactly they’re paying this much money for? The main point of attending college is to prepare you for your future and whatever may come next. It is important not to get too caught up with partying in college, otherwise you could find yourself well behind and swallowed in homework and studying. Without college one may never mature and take on the real world single-handedly.

First off, college prepares you for many things, one case may be teaching how to manage yearly salary, taxes due, and pay important bills such as the electric, water, H.O.A. of a community, etc. Many colleges provide you with this essential necessity to living a comfortable and healthy life without having to hire an expensive accountant to figure out straightforward math that anyone could do with proper knowledge. This opportunity allows one to, live a stress-less life with knowing how to correctly manage money so one can always support themselves (and/or family) and not have to worry about wages. If this knowledge is never sought after college graduates could be in deep trouble with money and be pushed into serious debts on top of student loans.

As a result, a college also prepares you for a significant and uncontested lifelong job career that could keep one on their feet or even guide to a wealthy life time. This is the most well-known reason why one may seek to attend college and earn a degree to get a job one might have dreamed of since the early years of life. Choosing the best college to pursue the desired degree is one of the hardest steps in studying and learning that profession. A person with a college degree in a certain field is the person job employers are exactly looking for when searching for one to fill a position efficiently and knows precisely what they are doing. Preparation for the profession one is looking to pursue is absolutely needed to achieve a lifelong career that leads to great success over a life time. Colleges can provide you with the right knowledge and preparation but, putting the time and effort into your future starts directly with the student regarding to attitude and the will to succeed in life.

Furthermore, the most fundamental life quality college prepares one to carryout for the remainder of life is independency. This quality is taught relentlessly throughout life in tiny amounts, for example, chores, homework, driving, etc. College is there to provide one with the final and most important subunits of life as an independent. Being independent is an enormously imperative quality needed to succeed in life subsequent to attending college. Certain situations in life bring one to a point where that needing to think alone, without other opinions, is the single option. Also, colleagues and friends will appreciate one as an independent well more than a dependent and will also seek help in places they might be stuck in. Being independent is the only way a person can go on with life not hurting self demeanor or others.

In conclusion, many people decide to put in the effort and some don’t but, with the opportunity of college at the finger tips of virtually anyone in the world, no one should be unprepared to thrive in all of the aspects in life. College prepares you in various ways but the most key ways consist of: managing financials, knowledge of profession, and becoming an independent. All of these traditions cannot be taught in a superior way than directly through a professor at a university.

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