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What is Something that Makes Me Unique? (Personal Narrative)

Di·ver·gent (adj) – tending to be different or develop in different directions. Divergent is who I am and who I will always be. No, not the movie series, but the definition. Every day I wake up, take a bath, and then rush out the door because I am always late to school. Thoughts about school and work and photo schedules and everything else that happens in my chaotic life overflows my mind as I speed down 1960. I always wonder about who else deals with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. MentalHealthAmerica.com states that 1 in every 5 teens “suffer” from clinical depression. Suffer, yeah right. My depression and anxiety has made me stronger. It has defined me in ways I have not ever thought of. I have become more motivated, become self-dependent and always pushes me to think unconventionally.

Thinking unconventionally is a huge part of getting through depression. Not many people have to constantly think through different scenarios to be calm, this is where the anxiety comes in at. No, I am not one of those angsty teens that want attention, I really face difficult tasks everyday. I will never know what I will feel like when I wake up or when I will burst into tears and stop breathing, but hey, that is what makes me unique. I have never been the one to let something come to me on its own time, I am a go getter. My junior year in high school I joined yearbook, and I was given a spread on the first day and was told the deadline was in two weeks. The minute I was told that I had recieved the Art spread, I went out and started taking photos, interviewing people, without little to no training. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to be successful.

Being a teen living depression and anxiety, many adults and peers have the preconceived idea that we are lazy and unmotivated to do anything. Some days that may be true, but many days that is not the case at all. I wake up most mornings ready to tackle the day. I am driven to make the most of everyday, and become a better person for myself and everyone around me. I am involved with six or seven different extracurriculars this year; Key Club President, a member of NHS, golf and yearbook just to name a few. Throwing myself into focusing on my grades and activities give me no time to focus on negative energy, and that’s what is helping me change my life and stay motivated for the better.

Living as a outside of the box thinker and a motivated individual all helps me to become a self dependent student. Being driven and planning different ways in my mind helps me become self-reliant. I do not have to depend on my mom or my teachers to keep me up to date on what I need to get done, I can do it myself. Many of my peers don’t know how to manage time or assignments wisely. In yearbook, I have the honor of being this years Photo Editor. I am in charge of many things, including making a photo schedule every week. The schedule includes every day that has an event, and that means I have to find every event and have the calender done by Friday of the week before. It was stressful at first, but everything you do for the first time can be a little hard to manage. Through my time as photo editor I can say it has definitely helped me learn how to manage my time and only depend on myself.

Like I said before, my “sickness” doesn’t define me. I have never thought about my depression as a sickness since I have lived with it most of my life. My situation not only causes me to think around problems, but also pushes me to stay motivated and stay self dependent by myself.

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