Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship Essay

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Topic: Why do I deserve this Scholarship

My name is Karma Westby and I am seventeen years old, I was born in Edinburg, Texas, yet raised all over the Rio Grande Valley. Currently, I am a Senior at McAllen High School (McHi). I come from a split but not broken family and I live with my father and my only brother, Ian. Ian is nine years old, very talkative, currently obsessed with zombies, and loves to make people laugh at any cost. I see my mother almost every week, with no strict schedule. My mom is my absolute best friend and has always been there for me, as well as my dad. They have pushed good morals, self-respect, and to never give up.

Due to my parent’s rocky relationship, I moved schools a lot. Beginning in little ol’ Pharr, Texas, I started my educational career at Pre-Kinder at Dr. Long Elementry, later moving to Horizon Montizorri in Mcallen for 1st and 2nd grade. Because my dad worked two jobs during this time, and my mom had just had my brother, I was taken out of Horizon and began homeschooling for 3rd. For 4th grade, Mom and Dad thought it’d be best I return to regular public school at Rayburn, and my last year I ended at Garza Elementry. All through middle school, we managed to stay in one place after the divorce, and I attended all three years at Fossum Middle School. As a scared little freshman, I began at Achieve Early College High School with South Texas College, then moved to become a bulldog at McHi jointly with Lamar Academy which is where I am currently. I plan on graduating early, by December.

My junior year I discovered the beautiful trade of welding and I was elected president of McAllen Welding Team with a unanimous vote. Mr. Soto (my welding teacher) taught us about non-destructive testing ( A.K.A NDT), and informed us that it is a brand new trade with very limited schools that offer the program, therefore he suggested a few schools. One of them happened to be Spartan College who are merged with Tulsa Technical School in Oklahoma. Mr. Soto encouraged us to attened Tulsa Technical school in Oklahoma specifically because he believes I’d get the best education there. There are multiple campuses to attend such as Houston, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. As of today, my plan is to move to Oklahoma and start in the fall of 2017 with Spartan College.

As my research continued into this field (NDT) it piqued my interest and I have found that to be my soon to be a career path. This trade has 3 levels, with the two-year program that they offer, it is possible I may graduate as a level two technician. In order to test into level three (which is my goal) they require two years of education and three years of experience as a level two technician. As an NDT technician, I will learn how to test the quality of welds, and quality of material on multiple objects ranging from submarines to coffee shop buildings. In a laboratory, I would be testing these materials with ultrasound, radiography, eddy-current, chemicals along with many more techniques.

My inspiration came from many people. The activist family that I have are beautiful individuals who on the daily fight injustices. I enjoy volunteering as much as I can in my free time and go to events that hold fundraisers to show my love and support. Many of them know that I am a welder and support and push me to my best ability 100%! Laura Sofia is one of them, she’s my favorite. Laura was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the valley shortly after getting married after high school. Laura is an activist, artist, baker, and a forever student. I’ve known her for a couple of years now and as long as I can remember she’s been learning a new hobby just because. She currently is a student at UTPA and a step-mom extraordinaire! I admire her open mind and he passion of knowledge. I also admire that Laura Sofia has always been one to stand up for herself and, is her own person and will continue to express that however she pleases.

I personally support Latino rights, women rights, labor workers rights, and the LGBTQ community rights. Here in the Rio Grande Valley there is an organization called Curando RGV with translates to Healing. They often organize fundraisers, donation areas, and protest injustices. I am also in an all females rugby team called The Adelitas. In April 2016 we won 1st place in 2nd division state champions at Baylor University. I have so much room in my heart for volunteering, but not having a car restricts me from participating in the community more often.

I deserve this scholarship because I am here to work and make a statement. I have huge dreams in changing the manufacturing game as to how women are seen in a “Man’s Field.” I am going to work long and hard to be independent and help others in need. This scholarship will help immensely and give me an extra boost to help me reach my goals.

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity, and for considering me as a candidate.

“When you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

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