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Your essays must contain a title/topic and must be unique

Send your essays to this mail: [email protected]

Top Sellers (January 2021):

Anonymous РEarned $1580 (submitted papers: 39+)
Anonymous РEarned $741 (submitted papers: 20)
Vitaaa РEarned $199 (submitted papers: 6)
daviiss – Earned $172 (submitted papers: 6)
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Also we will pay up to $150 for good application essay like this subjects:

  • UC Application Essay
  • Uchicago Supplement Essay
  • Columbia Supplemental Essay
  • NYU Supplement Essay
  • USC Supplemental Essay
  • Apply Texas Essay
  • Harvard Supplement Essay
  • UPenn Supplemental Essay
  • Georgetown Supplemental Essay
  • Cornell Supplement Essay
  • etc.

Quick cash for essays, past assignments and old homework

Cash paid via PayPal for old essays ‚Äď $25 up to $40 for essay.

Simple rules:

1. Send us your essay via e-mail: [email protected]

2. We will assess your essay and pay the amount via PayPal account. Once sold to us, you MUST NOT publish this work anywhere else.

3. If we are not interested, we will not make any payments and delete your submission. You can always check on the progress of assessments.

We may not explain the reasons why submission has not been accepted. This is part of our protocol against spin.

4. The essays MUST BE AUTHENTIC and not published online anywhere else before.

5. Essay that will be found to be not authentic will be deleted, no notification sent. We put EVERY essay through plagiarism checker before accepting. Check your essay via Grammarly or Copyscape before sending.


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7. Essays must be your property in order to be offered to us for buying.

8. The moment we pay for essay, the essay becomes our property 100% and we can do with it whatever we find suitable.

9. The minimum length of the essay is 1000 words.

Pricing Guidance

How do we price our essays?

Essays between 1000 and 2000 words are priced $40 and then $5 per every next whole thousand words.

The minimum length of the essay is 800 words.  Shorter essays will be combined and paid as one to make up to 1000 words.

School essays are priced 20% lower than University essays.

If you have sent your essay to us for an assessment, you agreed to our pricing policy.